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My Last Article – Happy New Year!

Thank you all once more for checking in! My last article of 2017. It was an absolutely insane year, and I am so thankful to each and everyone of you! You have been the best audience! Last year I switched jobs, lived in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Brussels and Verona. I witnessed the beauty of Bohol and Palawan in the Philippines and saw lots of interesting cities! I’ve made new friends, flew thousands of miles and carried even more passengers. And lets not forget about the hundreds of videos that I shot that still need editing.

Dutch Pilot Girl has grown beyond anything I could possibly imagine and you made that happen! You have left me 361 comments on this website, sent me over a thousand emails and left numerous comments and dm’s on my social channels. Because of your continuous support I was able to upgrade my camera and studio gear and I will continue along this path in 2018.

The new year will be all about creating better content, improving the quality of my videos & photos and to help more people. I will release more videos and I am working on exciting new projects that I can’t wait to share with you! You have all been my inspiration.

A sincere thank you for an awesome 2017! And remember, this is only the beginning! Happy New Year and keep the wings level! – Michelle

8 thoughts on “My Last Article – Happy New Year!

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  2. Thank You very much Dear Michelle and I wish You healthy,peaceful,happy,successful and prosperous new year. I am happy to be your posts follower. By this way ; I learn much about the Aviation from You. Hope to see Your sharings in this new year. Kindly Regards to You.

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  4. Dutchpilotgirl it was amazing journey with you , see you and your media grow into a awesome aviation website and you me the beautiful countryside and landscapes amazing sunset,sunrise and you send a lot of feedback on how you became a pilot girl and pro and cons about being an pilot thank so much girlfriend from afar let Dick it again in 2018

  5. I hope this new year will be less adventurous for you, still full of good job and many personal satisfactions. By the way red is a great color on you :)).
    Happy new year !!! best wishes ! a great hug 🙂

  6. Thank You so much for sharing Your priceless valuable experience with us! We all do appreciate it a lot! Let the good out there be with You!

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