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Engine failure on a twin engine aircraft, what is it like? Q & A – Part 4

Questions & Answers – Part 4… it’s here! Have I ever had a turnaround time of less than 25 minutes? What is it like to fly a twin engine plane after an engine failure? Can planes land automatically?  And do you need to have experience with an airport before flying there? I received these questions per email and Instagram and today IContinue reading


App: B737-800 Type Rating Exam

One of my goals is to help, advise and inspire. There are many people that reinvent the wheel over and over again when joining the aviation industry. I answer questions per e-mail or write an article when I notice a question that pops up regularly. One of the most commonly asked questions; How did you prepare yourself during the ground school phaseContinue reading


ATPL Question Database – Yes or No?

Study the material provided by the flight school or to study the question database in order to pass the ATPL exam? I have been in this situation myself and at that time I also did not know how to study for my ATPL subjects, untill I got slapped in my face and realized how the game had to be played. I don’t want you to spend loads of time to reinvent the wheel, so play the game guys and ace the ATPL exam!