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Amsterdam – The Best Things To See & Do In My City
I live in the city center of Amsterdam, in an area called Jordaan which is located near the canals and
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Math and Physics
Math and Physics – Why a pilot needs to understand these subjects!
Math & physics and their significance in aviation. Is it important to know how to calculate? Everyone uses a calculator
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Dutch Pilot Girl
Palawan – The Bucket List Island in the Philippines
Some time ago I wrote about my trip to Bohol, if you haven’t read it yet you can read it
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Female Pilot - Dutch Pilot Girl
What It Is Like To Be A Female Pilot
Am I being treated differently because I am a female pilot? Or did I ever had to prove myself because
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flight school selection process
How to pass the flight school selection process? – This is how you do it!
The flight school selection process and how to ace it! Most flight schools require you to pass their selection process
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how to pay the pilot training
How to pay the pilot training when you don’t have any money?
Becoming a pilot is super expensive, it really is. Depending on your location, flight training costs between € 50.000,- and
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Pilot Logbook - Dutch Pilot Girl
Pilot Logbook – This is the one you should get!
A pilot logbook, one of the most important accessories for a pilot. But which one should you get? Finding the
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Verona - Dutch Pilot Girl
My New Summer Base – Verona, Italy
As some of you might have noticed, I changed companies a few months ago. Whuuuut? Yes, it’s true! I am
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Bohol - Dutch Pilot Girl
Bohol – The Philippines – Why you should go there!
Bohol, a wonderful island in the Philippines and an addition to your bucket list! Even though we stayed here for
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First Solo
Packing a suitcase, discussing a go-around and more about my first solo!
After a period of radio silence I am back at it. I published 3 new videos lately and I wanted
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