Flight school, the school that matters when you dream of becoming a pilot! The training consists of 2 stages; Ground and Flight training. During ground school you learn about the principles of flight, weather,  radio navigation and 11 other subjects. Flight training is even more interesting… You fly in a couple of different aircraft while you accumulate flight hours. But how do you get in? What should you focus on while considering your options?  The articles in this section provide the guidance you seek.

A pilot career consists of many different stages. It all starts with the proper basics, applying at pilot schools, obtaining your medical class 1 and a loan to pay for it all. Then comes the training and after graduating the Type Rating. You get some hours and experience while in Line Training and after years of practice you start to think about the left seat.. but there is more! I explain the steps I took to get where I am today and I will keep you updated as I progress. My pilot career explained, step by step. 

I always encourage my followers and subscribers to ask questions because I love to offer help and advice wherever I can. When I “founded” Dutch Pilot Girl I answered questions individually but the amount of similar questions rose quite quickly and it started to become sort of a day job to answer all of them. I had to come up with a more efficient way to answer all of your questions…  Questions & Answers articles and videos were the answer! To keep those organized and easily accessible I created this section.