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The Airline Selection Process – ADAPT Test

The ADAPT Test, what is it? Why is it important? As an ab initio you should know as much as possible about this test and in this article I will explain you why and what to expect. It might mean the difference between passing a selection process and failing it.

Probably you have heard about the Compass Test. It is a computer based program which tests your personality, ATPL knowledge, verbal reasoning, potential flying skills and a lot more. Thousands of ab initio pilots were confronted with the Compass Test during one of the selection stages for an airline job. Some passed and a lot of them failed. By now, a lot of Compass Test questions and answers are known and can be found quickly while browsing the internet. In the end this it was it all comes down to: you know the answer > you pass, very straightforward. Pilots that did their research will know which kind of questions to expect and can prepare themselves accordingly. Hence, you are at a major disadvantage when you don’t know the questions because the applicant next to you most probably does and will therefore answers the questions quicker and with fewer mistakes.

Some airlines noticed that the Compass test is not that reliable anymore and therefore they are using the ADAPT test instead. I guess it will be a matter of time before everyone knows these as well but ok.. So let’s move on to the ADAPT test. What is it and what questions can you expect?

The ”Advanced ADAPT Test”’ is a computer based testing system which includes the following elements:

1. Advanced Cognitive Test – This is a more advanced version of the cognitive test, aimed at higher level candidates. It assess a wide range of aptitudes including working memory, perceptual speed & accuracy and spatial relationship reasoning. This is the first stage of the adapt test. You have to complete several intelligence tests under time pressure. Think of mathematical calculations, use laws of physics and complete numerical sequences. You can easily practice this online. For example on this website: or Just make sure you know all kinds of numerical reasoning options by heart so you don’t struggle with those type of questions.

2. FAST – A multi tasking and learning assessment made up of physical, cognitive and situational elements. The candidates needs to prioritize and manage multiple activities and learn from previous experience to improve future performance.

This stage is pretty stressful. You have to answer questions within a super limited amount of time. You will see a picture for 5 seconds and then you will get a question about it. The question (and answers) will also last for a few seconds before you will get the next picture. For example: you see a cockpit and then you have to answer in which order the standby instruments were displayed, which colour a specific object had or how much fuel was displayed.

You fly around and you have to answer which ground obstacles (such as factory, airport etc) you arrived at first, how many towers there were, what ATC told you at a specific moment, who else was in the air, what the cockpit looked like and a lot more. In the meantime you have to complete very simple intelligence tests and make sure you avoid obstacles (look at the top picture). You will not have time in between to relax so make sure you take a few shots of coffee and go! You will see super bright pictures and you have to choose which one fits best with the original 5 second picture. It is all about time management so if you don’t know something you just choose a random answer instead of not choosing any answer.

3.  Aviation Knowledge Test – This is an assessment to test candidates on more specific aviation topics such as Air Law, General Navigation, Meteorology and Principles of Flight. It consists of 50 ATPL questions, and you will have one hour which should be plenty of time. You either know the answer or you have to guess. Luckily for you guys I wrote down around 75% of similar questions. So here they are, make sure you look up the answers before the assessment and use them to your advantage. To prepare yourself further I recommend this book.

  • What is a DME-2 (VOR/DME): Co-located/distances
  • Calculate the Track with the use of drift
  • Calculate compass heading with variation/deviation
  • Diameter of the earth
  • How many hpa at 5000′?
  • Which one is the most accurate (Glonass/VNAV/GNASS)
  • Motor systems in the human body (what happens automatically)
  • Nausea in Inner Ear/Tube of Eustagieus
  • What does the Airspeed indicator show when your pitot tube is blocked?
  • What does the Airspeed indicator show when your static port and pitot tube is blocked?
  • QNH/QFE questions regarding field elevation and altitud
  • DME, how does it work?
  • What is NOT an NDB error?
  • What does a rhumbline look like on a mercator chart/polar stereo graphic chart?
  • Calculate the distance according to the departure formula and the scale on the chart
  • Flshing red/green on taxi and in flight? What does it mean
  • Download on tail when cg is forward of cp?
  • Point of no return/equal time
  • Monsoon/Bora
  • Skywaves at a high frequency, increase/decrease with wave length
  • Another word for courteous?
  • Most accurate point on mercator chart and polar stereo graphic
  • What is the exact height of the tropopauze?
  • SSR transponder, what can they see?
  • How does an altimeter work?
  • Gyroscope assemblies/vertical/horizontal gyro
  • Communication failure, what do you do in which order?
  • Refraction/Attenuation at different heights/ high freq
  • Take off sequence V speeds (Vmu/Vlof/Vmca etc)
  • 35′ height from toda/todr/asda?
  • 15 degree turn Vstall is 60 kt, how many knots in a 45 degree turn?
  • What is hyperventilation?
  • Reciprocating engine is climbing, what happens with drag/speed?
  • What is permeable band?
  • SSR, where is the interrogater and transmitter?

4. Co-ordination Assessment – This assessment is designed to test a candidate’s hand eye co-ordination and dexterity. By using a joystick the candidate has to hold a ball in the centre of a target circle whilst it tries to move away from the centre. Not a hard exercise, you only have to show that you can respond quickly.

The day before the assessment you will receive a link to Advanced Personality Questionnaire. This is a questionnaire designed to learn more about a candidate as an individual. The answers aim to gain an insight into a person’s values, motivation, attitude and behaviour. It also focuses on aviation critical aspects such as Safety values and Authority Gradient.  During the ADAPT test itself you will also get a few personality questions.

Your Pilot Academy
Your Pilot Academy is a new platform for pilots which contains pilot assessment courses to help you prepare for extensive tests like these.

Thats it! Please leave a comment if you have more information that you would like to share or if you feel the above information is incomplete or incorrect. You might also be interested to learn more about the Airline Interview or if you pass the assessment it can be helpful to read about my experiences during the Type Rating!

All the best and may the force be with you. You can do it! 🙂

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  1. Hi everyone i’m going to take the test in a few days with alpha aviation academy can anyone please contact me via whatsapp i need help with maths and physics

    My Email:
    Whatsapp: +971563900010

  2. Thanks for this info. I was curious about the aviation knowledge questions – do you really get quizzed to this level of knowledge? It’s my understanding that you get asked far more basic questions like how does a wing create lift or how does a jet engine work?

  3. Hi there, I willbe taking the ADAPT test in UAE soon, Alpha Aviation Academy (MPL Air Arabia). Any tips? What should I focus on mainly? What to review for Maths and Physics?

    1. hey brother
      if possible can you send me the links that are given by alpha aviation to understand the subjects and units, for mathematics and physics exam.
      i am planning to join them and this will be a good time to prepare for it

  4. HELP PLEASE ADAPT TEST AT CAE OXFORD in a few days – for the CAE adapt ball game
    … are the ball mechanics as follows
    stick moves forward = ball moves down
    stick moves backwards = ball moves up

    also for horizontal ball movement does it respond to moving the stick laterally or twisting it (rotation on z axis)?

    I need to know so I can practice for the test please somebody explain how the ball responds to the stick movement so I can practice accordingly

    I have asked this on pprune and nobody has helped me

    1. Hi. Just did the ball game today. When you push forward the ball is going down and when you push the joystick towards you the ball goes up. But for right and left you have to twist the joystick. I find this very hard and made mistakes many times sending the ball in the wrong direction. If you haven’t passed the test yet, good luck.

  5. I am taking the ADAPT test next week, but I think it is a different version? I haven’t been accepted to CAE, yet and they are making me test in order to get in. But this is a program starting from zero, so I assume they wouldn’t expect me to know all this beforehand, right? Are there two different levels of the test?

    1. I believe I am taking the same test as Steven for CAE. I have the same question. The program is for cadets with no prior experience. Also would you happen to know the difference between ADAPT test and Aptitude test?

  6. Hello everyone I’m taking my exam next month and I don’t know where to start. I’m really nervous because I want to pass that exam so bad. Does anyone in here knows where to practice for free? I’ve been looking online but everything seems asking for a payment. Or if anyone have a tips and notes for the exam, please send in my email,

    Thank you so much!

    1. best way to practice is surely getting some tests from ADAPT symbiotics website
      i wasn’t sure about it and its the first time i bought some tests but its the only way i passed all of the exams with a high score ( i recommend getting the physics and Cognitive Reasoning )
      for physics study and make sure you know Newton’s laws ,Ohm’s Law, Hooke’s Law, Bernoulli’s Theorem, and Gas laws – Boyle-Mariotte law, Gay-Lussac law, Dalton’s law
      that’s all for physics

      1. Thank you so much!! Do you have any tips for other subjects? Like math and aviation knowledg? Thank you!

        1. math you only need to know calculations of Speed/Time/Distance + how to calculate fuel rate + maybe you’ll get 1 question about Pythagore and that’s it for math
          i didn’t take the Aviation knowledge test so i don’t know much about it

          1. Hello! Can we start a conversation through email? I just have few questions regarding the Adapt Cadetship Exam. If you have time, please drop a message at

            Appreciate your reply.

      2. i have my adapt test in the near future. Please help me out with topics of maths and physics.

      3. I practiced symbiotics and there was none of what you said except ohm and hay Lussac law well tell me is it similar in the exams when you give in academy

      4. Hello! Can we start a conversation through email? I just have few questions regarding the Adapt Cadetship Exam. If you have time, please drop a message at

        Appreciate your reply.

    2. Hi there Michelle and all,

      I will be sitting the ADAPT test soon as part of the selection process for the Jetstar Australia Cadetship. I actually applied for this last intake (approx 6 months ago) but unfortunately didn’t get through past the ADAPT testing stage. I really struggled particularly with the FAST portion of the testing and want to make sure that this time around I’m as prepared as possible to give myself the best chance of getting through. Does anyone have any recommendations about what the best websites/resources are to practice the test? There are so many options and I want to make the best investment possible! Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

      Cheers and happy flying 🙂 ?

      1. Hi Tyson773,

        I have also applied for the Jetstar Australia Pilot Cadetship and still awaiting for a reply from them. I visited Latestpilotjobs and subscribed to the Cadet Aptitute Test package and have started practicing on it.

        If you have subscribed to it, just wondering, in your previous experience when you went through Stage 2 (ADAPT testing) is there any similiarity between the ADAPT tests and the practice tests in the Cadet Aptitute Test?

        Hope to hear from you. Please feel free to pm me as appropriate.

  7. can any one send me answers options for Adapt ohysics & maths because its similar for adapt exam my 2nd atempt i need some last tips & ansers for fast stage & phy maths thanks snd me email at Dm me if any one have Adapt video that would b a great help thanks!!

      1. Hi my adapt exam is in a few days and i feel i need to go over the math and physics rounds… it would be a great help if i could find practice material online… pls do help me with some websites where i can find them..


      2. i will give my assessment in 2 days so if its possible please help me out with the math specially.

      3. Can you please help me with math and physics problem? I’m having my test in July 23rd. I can surely pay or pay my gratitude to you… I just really need to pass this test ! Here’s my email: please reply to me, Thank you!

      4. Hi I’m having the Adapt test in the next month so it would be wonderful if you help me out with math and physics by recommend me some tips. Here’s my email xutruọ

  8. hi jenny advice me also for Adapt fixed wing & flight simulation where to practise this do Adapt symbiotics site offers control cordination & other parts of Adapt if not then advice me sites to prepare for adapt physics maths also thanks for ur help send me email at if any one can gv me advice on my email i would apreciate it?

  9. Hi, I completed by stage 2 ADAPT test at CAE Oxford the other day. The Fixed wing and ball game are definitely where I think I failed. For anyone about to take it I strongly recommend getting a cheap joy stick – i’d never used one and it wasn’t far off a disaster! Does anyone know how soon after the assessment you hear back? I’ve been told that if you fail 1/2 of the sections you’re able just to resit those ones, but there is a 3 month cooling off period before you can!

    1. how to do fixed wing part please advice me & about ball game alsoas i’m having my 2nd atempt now jenny how was physics & maths part what kind of questions came kindly mail me i apreciate your help jenny & others pls do comment on my mail i strongly need advice & help on adapt fixed wing part as i crashed alot times??

      1. For those that have done the ball game test at CAE test, was the joystick test mechanics as follows

        stick forward = ball moves down
        stick backward = ball moves up

        Also for horizontal ball movement was it twisting and rotating or just moving the stick side to side?

    2. Hi How did you prepare for stage 2?? I will have in May stage2. What subjects I will have?

  10. Hi!

    Are ab initio candidates expected to know the Aviation Knowledge ATPL answers?
    Surely that’s what training is for?
    (Applying for easyJet MPL)

  11. Hi Michelle and others,

    It seems most people struggle with physics. I am soon doing my ADAPT test and was just wondering what this ‘physics’ is. Is it all about Newton e.g.? Anywhere I can look something up and practise?
    Thanks dor your efforts.


    1. helo Mikael send ur email to me whch is gven on coment hav u practise adapt from any site pls do advice it to preprepare as i’m also having adapt soon thanks mail pls?

  12. IS THERE any software to practise this fast stage adapt test online ??if pls send me software or practise link to my email *removed* thanks it would be a help

  13. Hi Michelle! I know I am a bit late to this feed, however I had my ADAPT yesterday with CAE and am now in the waiting phase, wondering what I got right and wrong! Am I right I’m thinking that sometimes the multiple choice selection isn’t always exact, ie sometimes you have to choose the nearest answer to what you worked out?

    Thanksssss ?

    1. Hey mate! How did you go?? I have my ADAPT test later this month! What was the maths and physics like??? How many questions did you get for each topic?

      1. Hi mate. Went okay! Passed some sections and failed others. Maths and Physics is okay but I would recommend practising time distance speed stuff! And also do loads of practise physics tests as I neglected my physics revision a bit. The mark scheme is out of 100 however it’s progressive so some are worth 1 mark some 5 and some 10! It’s a killer because you can’t afford to get too many of the ten markers wrong due to percentages! Anyway hope this helps! Be relaxed you have plenty of time! 20 questions on maths and 20 on physics. Good luck!

    2. Fingers crossed for you @Cam. I am going to Oxford, UK to complete my stage 2 Easyjet MPL ADAPT test very soon. Would you be willing to contact me so we can discuss any last minute tips?

      Keep up the great blog and videos @DutchPilotGirl. I am a huge fan and hope to one day see you up in the air.


  14. Hello sweet girl, thank you for this post. i would know if this adapt test is the same if i apply for a specific cadet program (like Volotea,Easyjet, Cityjet…)
    Thank you!

  15. Hi Michelle,

    I wish to know if there are any preperation tools available online for the FIXED WING section in the ADAPT TEST.


  16. From where can i practice FAST?
    is there any programs available to purchase or down load?
    I need help from you regarding the personality questionair and if you have some kindly email to me.
    Awaiting for your reply and help

  17. This article is informative. I really like your writing style, easy to understand which is a plus.
    A question I wanted to ask however Is, what highschool grade 11 and 12 classes do I have to take other than mathematics and is physics really required? (as I’m very confused) that will help me out whether it is to get into flight school or become a pilot and just in case it differes depending on the country you are, I live in canada.

  18. Hi Michelle,

    In your blog you have stated that the answers to the atpl questions for the compass test are easily to find.
    However, I can not find them… Could you please help me out in here?

    I would appreciate it!

  19. Do you know if the article you published is relevant to Jetstar Airways Australia skill assessment as part of their initial assessment for their cadetship, CAE OXFORD Aviation Academy confirmed in their email candidate will be tested on ADAPT Computer Based Test. So I assume it would be the same as what you are talking about in your published article, am I correct? I found one provider in NZ calls Service ID and they charges 70 NZD plus GST for one time ADAPT online practice test, so should I assume it will be the same as the one most airlines are using at the moment? Thanks for your helps in advance

    1. Hello Anthony, I am sorry but I don’t know anything about the assessment for Jetstar Airways Australia… However, if the CAE Oxford Aviation Academy confirmed their candidates will be tested on ADAPT computer based test it’s most likely the test I mention in the article above (there is no other test named ADAPT test). I am also unfamiliar with the practice test that you speak of. Perhaps they can provide you with some answers. Please let me know if they indeed offer such a practice test and how they can be contacted. Anyway, good luck with your assessment!

      1. Thanks Michelle!!!!! Got one ADAPT practice on and been practicing it since. I am actually feeling pretty good already, the FAST is difficulty, I managed to score 78 % on easy section and 73% on medium level section, not yet on the difficult level which will be attempted tomorrow. I am aiming to get around 80% if possible. Your article certainly provided some indeed insight of the test component and it has already helped me greatly in preparing for the upcoming ADAPT on 19 SEPT, wish me luck and hopefully it will be a good day. Thank you once again and I will let you know how I go afterward. Good Day

        1. Hello Anthony! Just came across your comment.. for some reason it was flagged as spam.. You had the ADAPT test yesterday. How did it go? Hopefully the training helped!

          1. Its all good, while the meant time a lot of practice so I was pretty comfortable . The actual ADAPT test duration with with Jetstar Australia Airways was allocated for 3 hours but I got it done within 1 hour. I wasn’t struggling on most tasks but only a bit on the Physic, I think I might be just got through(hopefully). I have been told I should be hear something back from them by early to Mid October so the waiting game is on from now, the most fun part of the aviation recruitment process(NOT!!!!!!!)I have been told I am the record holder and hopefully my speed is also accurate. Lets hope for the best I will sit tight for a result and hopefully will be a positive one. Scored 98 points on the Red dot keeping in the centre test (hand eyes coordination test,), do you know if thats a good score?

            Ahah, helpfully the wait is worth a while or I will have mono choice but to go back to HK for my second attempt with CX!!!!!!! Been following you on Instagram, enjoying your posts for sure!!!

          2. Dude that so awesome, we so proud of you. I’m planning to sit this exam in NZ in Jan. I’m no good at physics. Can you tell us what type of physics questions they ask? How to prepare? I think you will get through man, you did it in record time – be proud friend, you deserve the best

          1. Its all good, while the meant time a lot of practice so I was pretty comfortable . The actual ADAPT test duration with with Jetstar Australia Airways was allocated for 3 hours but I got it done within 1 hour. I wasn’t struggling on most tasks but only a bit on the Physic, I think I might be just got through(hopefully). I have been told I should be hear something back from them by early to Mid October so the waiting game is on from now, the most fun part of the aviation recruitment process(NOT!!!!!!!)I have been told I am the record holder and hopefully my speed is also accurate. Lets hope for the best I will sit tight for a result and hopefully will be a positive one. Scored 98 points on the Red dot keeping in the centre test (hand eyes coordination test,), do you know if thats a good score?

            Ahah, helpfully the wait is worth a while or I will have mono choice but to go back to HK for my second attempt with CX!!!!!!! Been following you on Instagram, enjoying your posts for sure!!!

        2. Hello Anthony,

          How did you go with the Jetstar Pilot Cadetship ADAPT test? Have you heard from then yet?

          I have submitted my application to Jetstar/CAE for the program and has started practicing on the Cadet Aptitude Test Preparation package on Latestpilotjobs. May I know if this preparation will be helpful on the day of the test?

          Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

      2. hi Michelle

        Actually I ant to buy a software for the compass test can you please help me out. Where can i find this software?
        I appreciate your help.
        Otherwise you can mail me on:
        Kiranpreet Singh

  20. Hi Michelle,
    Saying hello from Vietnam, now trying to turn my flying dream come true. I’ve passed online ADAPT test few days ago with “Good” Green Result from to enroll a flying school in NZ (IAANZ). Now I’m applying as cadet pilot to Vietnam Airlines – our flag carrier and they asked me must sit their COMPASS test at their Flying Centre. I’m a bit confused, cuz as I know airline requires either COMPASS or ADAPT. Btw, did you sit COMPASS test? and what’s difference between them?

    1. Hi Phong Nguyen,

      I will create an article about the Compass test in the near future. There is a lot of information about the Compass test on the internet. It’s an older test but still a challenge! Keep in mind that there plenty of test and methods to do assessments. Take the DLR for example (most German airlines use this assessment).

      All the best and good luck!

      1. Thanks for your fast reply. Just passed Vietnam Airlines COMPASS yesterday, soon will be in CAE Phoenix to start my flying dream. Hope to see you soon in immediate future. All the best!

  21. Hi Dutchpilotgirl, is it easy to get “green” in ADAPT test? And how many correct questions can I get “green”?

      1. I mean is it easy to achieve the highest level of the test and how many correct questions that I can achieve the highest level?

        1. Hi Loc, this test is not about achieving the highest level. I also didn’t design this test so I don’t anything about the amount of questions that were put into it. It’s not like a video game in which you can achieve a high score.

          It’s designed in a way to give you stress so they can see how you handle yourself in those situations. Some of these elements don’t even have an ending, they just continue until the time runs out. In the end the only way you can get through it is by practicing. Best of luck!

  22. 3 or 4 Also beware some answers are close together like 170, 172.5 and 173. It’s is a good plan to be picky and accurate but don’t get bogged down by stupid ambiguous questions – the reason for these is that they try to invent the wheel as they are afraid everyone knows the answers from the year 1982 so the get paranoid and start writing a NASA space program instead of the pure and simple question. DutchPilotGirl I wish you all good things – you are a beautiful person.

  23. Hi DutchPilotGirl, thanks for posting this. There are not many information on the internet and yours helps a mile. My question is, do these questions come with multiple choice answers? How many choices of answers do u have?

    1. Hi Shane, all questions are multiple choice. They consist of 4 possible answers and like Nick mentioned they are all very similar so pay attention 😉 Good luck!

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