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Currently I am in Europe   


Besides flying an expensive aluminium tube with a set of wings from a to b I have another great passion. A passion I share with many. I like to travel! Luckily being a pilot and traveling the world goes hand in hand. One allows me to do the other ? I’ve seen some of the greatest places this planet has to offer and I want to share them with you! Join me on my adventure & read about my experiences, they wont disappoint!


I live in the city center of Amsterdam, in an area called Jordaan which is located near the canals and
Dutch Pilot Girl
Some time ago I wrote about my trip to Bohol, if you haven't read it yet you can read it
As some of you might have noticed, I changed companies a few months ago. Whuuuut? Yes, it's true! I am
Bohol - Dutch Pilot Girl
Bohol, a wonderful island in the Philippines and an addition to your bucket list! Even though we stayed here for
Matinloc Resort - Dutch Pilot Girl
Alright, listen up. You have all seen pictures of amazing places that look like something out of this world. I found one
Dutch Pilot Girl - Best Western The Ivywall Hotel
After our stay on the beautiful green island Bohol in the Philippines, we travelled to Cebu by ferry and continued
A couple of miles off the eastern coast of Palawan, paradise awaits. My stay at El Nido Resorts Apulit Island
I will take you on a trip to Kanchanaburi - Thailand. It is one of the must see places of
As some of you might know I am currently based in Barcelona. This means that I am working/flying out of

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