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Palawan – The Bucket List Island in the Philippines

Some time ago I wrote about my trip to Bohol, if you haven’t read it yet you can read it here. Bohol was amazing but it’s beauty is nothing in comparison to Palawan. Palawan, the final frontier of the Philippines, has been awarded many titles and is considered to be amongst the nicest islands in the world. Once you go there it is easy to see why. You will be amazed by its astonishing beauty and seemingly unlimited amount of surrounding smaller islands.

Dutch Pilot Girl - Palawan

While seated in row 16 we could see a wall of rain through the small window. The ground got closer and palm trees started to emerge. Shortly after we heard the engines of the Cebu Pacific airbus spooling up and felt the force of acceleration, the pilots just initiated a go around while on short final for runway 27 of Puerto Princesa airport, the capital of Palawan. After holding for about half an hour and another turbulent approach we touched down safely and were picked up by our hotel guide.

The first 2 nights we stayed in Puerto Princesa, from there we had an excursion to the famous Underground River. If you are into that sort of stuff you need to visit this place. However, if you don’t like bats you should stick with Honda Bay or just relax in the hotel 😉

Puerto Princesa is also known for some of the best restaurants in the Philippines. Be sure to visit Kalui and Captain Ribs! In the article about the Ivywall hotel there is more info about Puerto Princesa and the mentioned restaurants. If you plan on visiting Puerto Princesa, be sure to read it!

From Puerto Princesa we drove north towards El Nido. If you are like me and browse for vacation pictures on a rainy Sunday than you have probably seen pictures of this amazing place. The Bacuit Bay, which is surrounding El Nido, is out of this world. Impressive limestone cliffs rise from the ocean, there are bancas (Philippine boats) and secluded beaches everywhere.

Palawan - Paradise - Dutch Pilot Girl

In El Nido it is easy to arrange tours that take you through the Bacuit Archipelago. In total there are 4 tours available. B & C are known to be the most exciting! We stayed in Lio, an area that’s booming! It will surely be the place to stay at in the near future. The area has a modern and luxury feel to it… You won’t find that in El Nido. It’s close to the airport as well and about a 30 minute drive to Nacpan beach.

Palawan and El Nido is magical but it can get even better… Book a stay at one of the Island resorts to truly experience something mind blowing. Words can not describe the feeling you get while staying at these luxury resorts. I can recommend Matinloc resort in the Bacuit Archipelago and Apulit near Taytay.

Dutch Pilot Girl - Taytay - Palawan - Paradise

Things to see in Palawan: Puerto Princesa, the Underground River, El Nido, Port Barton, Nacpan beach, Bacuit & the Honda Bay.

Wan’t to see more? Check out my other travel articles about places in Europe and Southeast Asia! I upload travel pictures on a regular basis on my Instagram account as well. Do you have any tips of your own regarding Palawan? Please comment below and help out fellow travelers… Same goes if you have any questions about traveling to the Philippines, I am happy to assist!

18 thoughts on “Palawan – The Bucket List Island in the Philippines

    1. Michelle, the islands struggle to compare with your natural beauty….I imagine photographers didnt know which way to turn their cameras…..you really need to find some spare time for photographic shoots / modelling….you are simply adorable 🙂

  1. I agree with you completely about Matinloc Resort. I spent a week there in Jan. of 2019. It’s absolutely stunning! We flew directly into El Nido from Manila. Turbo props only. Short strip. It would be a thrill to be on board one of the planes made where I work (747, 767, 777, 787) and you were the Captain.

      1. I know. Her career is just beginning. She will probably get type rated on larger aircraft with the accumulation of flight hours.

  2. Thanks to you and Instagram, Palawan is now right up there on my Bucket List. I note your recommendations (Matinloc resort in the Bacuit Archipelago and Apulit near Taytay) and would like to ask if you think they’re okay for older solo travellers? I’m a widower looking for nothing more than unimaginably beautiful beaches.

    1. Hi Phil,

      In that case I would definitely go for the area around El Nido. The Bacuit Archipelago is known for it’s unimaginably beautiful beaches 😉 You won’t regret it!

      1. Thanks so much Michelle; I really appreciate it. I’m thinking Feb or March next year, or maybe both!

      2. I loved visiting El Nido and Sabang in Palawan,such a beautiful island.I was also there in 2018 but in april,I think.Would have been nice to see you there!🌺

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