Questions & Answers

I always encourage my followers and subscribers to ask questions because I love to offer help and advice wherever I can. When I “founded” Dutch Pilot Girl I answered questions individually but the amount of similar questions rose quite quickly and it started to become sort of a day job to answer all of them. I had to come up with a more efficient way to answer all of your questions…  Questions & Answers articles and videos were the answer! To keep those organized and easily accessible I created this section.

The questions I answer in the articles and videos below came from InstagramYoutubeFacebook and email. Questions in the comments on this website I still answer individually.

Questions & Answers – Part 1

In Q&A part 1 I  answer questions from Instagram followers.

Questions & Answers – Part 2

In Q&A part 2 I answer questions from my Youtube Channel subscribers.

Questions & Answers – Part 3

In Q&A part 3 I answer questions from my Instagram followers and email.


Questions & Answers – Part 4

In Q&A part 4 I answer questions from my Instagram followers and email.

Do you have questions of your own that weren’t already answered? Please feel free to contact me directly or use the comment feature on this website. I am glad to be of assistance, it is my way of thanking everyone for their interest and support.