Questions & Answers - part 3

Questions & Answers – Part 3

I always encourage my Instagram followers to ask me questions. Today I answer some of those questions in this Q&A post. Questions & Answers – part 3 consists of the following subjects; Are you allowed to wear jewelry while on duty? What were my responsibilities while working at the simulator company? Do I sing? Questions about my schedule and if I get to go on holidays. Be sure to ask me questions of your own and your question might be answered in the next Questions & Answers article.

 @futpil, @aero.gate, @vanrosseyon – Are you allowed to wear jewelry while on duty? (picture)

Yes I am allowed to wear jewelry. However, it shouldn’t be showy. I always wear a watch when I am flying and most of the time some small earrings. A bracelet would just get in the way and there is always a risk that it will get damaged or scratched because of all the metal parts in the cockpit. 

 @futpil – What were your responsibilities while you were working at the simulator company (picture)

I had a couple of responsibilities while I was working there. First things first, the simulator isn’t certified. That means the simulator can not be used for official trainings and exams. A certification process costs a lot of money and the sim should be in impeccable condition in order to get certified. Hence, most of the guests were aviation enthusiasts and other people that fancied having a go in a moving flight simulator. Some had experience, others saw all those overwhelming bright lights and countless buttons for the first time. 

Anyway, it was my job to brief the customers, to set up and operate the simulator. Of course I was also acting as an instructor during the session. Some people got the hang of it quickly. With others it sometimes took a while. Serving coffee was also part of the deal 😉 – Do you sing? (picture)

I wish! I am rubbish really… But I do love music though! Basically I like all sorts of “normal” music as long as it’s not something out of a top50 😉

Do you get leaves? Do you get to go on vacation? How many days do you work per month? 

Recently I received these questions per emaiI and it wasn’t the first time either. So here you go! I call them bonus answers 🙂 Do you get leaves? Yes! I know my schedule in advance and can request days off. It’s not guaranteed that I will actually get it but at least I have the opportunity to put in a request. Do you get to go on vacation? I most certainly do. Just recently I have been to the Philippines and I explored some of the most breathtaking Islands on this planet (more about the Philippines soon!). And how many days do I work? Too many! No just kidding haha. I work between 15 and 20 days a month. 

That will be all for now. Stay tuned for more!

In case you have anything to add, please don’t hesitate to write a comment… And if you have a question of your own, use the contact form and perhaps it will be your question that is answered in the next Questions & Answers article 😉 Be sure to read up on Q&A – Part 1 & Q&A – Part 2!

21 thoughts on “Questions & Answers – Part 3

  1. Does KLM academy have hostels for international students and what is there fee? What is the procedure to get admission in Netherlands aviation academy? Please tell me everything to get admission there…

  2. Hello Ma’am,

    I’m totally absorbed by the dreams of this field. Currently I’m in 12th grade. I want to ask that for getting an ATPL, we need 1500 hours right?
    But to gain them, it will take years and we can’t afford to sit ideal. I saw your video clip of how you became a pilot by taking simulators….
    But for getting a job as an FO, what should I do? I need to plan this before so I need to clear this. I know it’s hard to find the first job as you mentioned. But after completing my CPL and night ratings and multi -ratings , if I have 300 hours with me, Can I get a job in a smaller airline initially? And for gaining 1500 hours it takes a huge huge amount of money and affording it will be little unhealthy I guess, maybe. But what if I don’t have an ATPL? Still an airline can hire me?

    Please help me.

    Thank you.

    Expectations from,
    Varshil Patel.

    1. Hi Pradip, Look for Class 1 medical on google. There are plenty of nicely written and clear articles about the medical requirements for pilots. You need a Class 1 medical if your goal is to fly commercially. Good luck!

    1. It really depends on the company you work for. Long haul pilots can stay at certain places for 7 days while low cost airline pilots usually spend every night at home. Business aviation pilots spend multiple weeks away from home.

    1. Hi Diljot, Geography is interesting and it might help you in certain aspects of your pilot training. However, it’s not a requirement to finish a geography or IT course 🙂

  3. How good do I have to be in math and physics because it one of that factors that change peoples mind.please shed more light on this

    1. Hi! It depends on your education system. In general your understanding of maths and physics needs to be a bit above average. The flight schools in your area will have some entry requirements. Ask about those requirements and compare your certificates with those requirements. That way you are certain your understanding of physics and maths is good enough 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Hi Michelle,

    Its Racim!
    How long it took you to obtain your PPL and CPL? and did you consider any qualifications right afterwards?

    1. Hi Racim 🙂 The PPL and CPL were part of my integrated ATPL course. It took me 2 years to complete the integrated training. More info about the difference between an integrated and modular course here. With the integrated course you get all of the qualifications you need to become a commercial pilot.

      1. Hi Michelle,

        Do you think a Microsoft X-plane simulator will help me practice as I am preparing to obtain my PPL soon next year? Did you have such experiences prior to your receiving of any the Licenses?

        1. I definitely think that using Microsoft X-plane simulator can be beneficial! Especially when you are planning to obtain a PPL License. You can train a lot of stuff with that program. For example: Instrument scans and procedures. It helps you to get familiar with the layout of the cockpit and airports as well.

          I never used it myself though.

          Good luck!

    1. Hi Nauris, not yet… It will surely happen sooner or later. A missed approach is quite common and completely normal. The runway might be blocked, the approach not stabilized, the weather might be too bad to make a safe landing, etc.

    1. The pilots of course! haha 😉 In general the entire aircraft is great. Except the door and the way you open it, that could be improved if you ask me…

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