Flight School – The Things You Need To Know

Flight school, the school that matters when you dream of becoming a pilot! But how do you get in? What should you focus on while considering your options? I am here to help. Flight school consists of 2 stages; Ground and Flight training. During ground school you learn about the principles of flight, weather,  radio navigation and 11 other subjects. Flight training is even more interesting… You fly in a couple of different aircraft while you accumulate flight hours and go through the required exams. And don’t forget the first solo! In the end the Multi Crew Cooperation phase awaits.

The articles below contain valuable tips and tricks and provide some guidance while still browsing for flight schools.

English, does it really matter? Is it important to have an average understanding of the English language when you are piloting an aircraft? I have received tons of questions about the English language and the LPE test. It seems there is still a lot of uncertainty about this subject so allow me to enlighten you. The quick answer… Read more

Study the material provided by the flight school or to study the question database in order to pass the ATPL exam? I have been in this situation myself and at that time I also did not know how to study for my ATPL subjects, until I got slapped in my face and realized how the game had to be played. I don’t want you to spend loads of time to reinvent the… Read more

About to choose a flight school? Perhaps this article with my tips and tricks might help you further! It contains all sorts of things you should think about before you make your decision. Should a school be cheap or expensive? What is the difference between a small class and a class with up to 30 people? Find out… Read More

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