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Matinloc Resort – El Nido, Palawan – Don’t miss this!

Alright, listen up. You have all seen pictures of amazing places that look like something out of this world. I found one of those places myself… Something so beautiful it is impossible to describe it, paradise! Absolutely stunning views, crystal clear water, hidden beaches and so much more. I am describing Matinloc Resort in El Nido, Palawan. Staying there felt like I was dreaming!

What and where is it?

Asia is great! But the Philippines? Thats a whole other level! The country has over 7000 Islands and the best thing, it isn’t that touristic, yet. 5 Star resorts are affordable and transportation is cheap. Take Matinloc Resort for example. It is a private island in the Bacuit Archipelago. Just 20 minutes from El Nido. The Bacuit Archipelago is famous for its ravishing beauty and the buzzing town of El Nido.

Matinloc Resort

From the harbor of El Nido it takes roughly 20 minutes by speedboat to get to Matinloc Island. The transportation is arranged by the resort and upon arrival the staff welcomes us to their island. A pier, a long white private beach, sand so incredibly soft and a sea as blue as cyan. There is just one couple in sight, they are relaxing on their sunbeds. Only one thing comes to mind, this is paradise.

Matinloc Resort - Dutch Pilot Girl

The suite

Already gobsmacked by the stunning views upon arrival, thinking this can’t get any better. Just minutes later, it did. The room was out of this world… actually you can’t call it a room since it was a villa. Just 2 meters from the sea. A jacuzzi, enormous bathroom and a bedroom with a view. I never saw a place like this before, not even on a (photoshopped) picture. I can only say… If you want a perfect honeymoon then this place is just the thing you are looking for! The resort also offers a tree house, many mountainview villa’s and other special rooms. Standard rooms don’t exist at this resort 🙂

But there is more…

During the day you can grab a kayak and paddle to one of the secret and hidden beaches in the vicinity. No other tourists in sight, just you, peaceful surroundings and views you can’t describe. If you want to see more of the island I recommend joining the Matinloc Tour. The tour is arranged by the resort itself so it is hassle free and well organized. You get to explore beaches that are further away as well as other uninhabited islands. Maybe even see a monkey or two! Be sure to snorkel just in front of the resort! There is a beautiful reef with magnificent fish and the coral has beautiful colors. Of course you can also relax under a palm tree or go for a massage at the beach.

Matinloc Resort - Dutch Pilot Girl

The staff

The nicest people in the world? Apart from the Americans I say: the Filipinos. More specific? Matinloc Resort, I am not joking. We never had such a good relationship with the people working at a resort. The three managers made our stay absolutely perfect and the girls from the reception were super nice, talented and beautiful. I could not have wished for a better crew than the the guys and girl who were joining us on a private tour around the islands. These guys are born sailors and entertainers.

Why you should go NOW!

You can experience this as well.. If you go now, like, right now..! Matinloc Resort opened their doors in 2016 and has yet to be discovered. The prices are still very affordable for western people, especially compared to resorts in other Asian hotspots like Bali or Thailand. I have never seen such beautiful nature as in the Philippines. Go now, be ahead of the crowd and enjoy what this island and resort has to offer. I am serious guys, if you consider going to Asia, think of this place, you will not regret it.

Matinloc Resort - Dutch Pilot Girl

Special thanks to Edward. Your Resort is absolutely beautiful. You are a lovely person and you made our stay perfect! Raoul, we loved to hear your stories about your country and the people. We have some wonderful memories of the Philippines and you are a part of those. Thank you Ana for showing me around the resort. Your enthusiasm and positive vibe is such an inspiration for everyone. Your smile is the best!

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  1. Im heading to El Nido and then to Coron Island in a couple weeks. Your blog helped me make my decision, thanks for the wonderful insight.

    1. Hi Paul, thats great! I hope you will have a good time there. Please let me know how you experienced it and how you feel about El Nido and the Philippines in general. Have a safe trip!

  2. I somehow managed to miss my chance, wish you good luck with your life/career. Great respect for a awesome woman. Break a leg. Cheers

      1. Hi there, been in Apulit Island twice because I can’t get over it. The place is paradise and been planning to go nd see matinloc suppose to be this year but I don’t think we can coz of this virus. I hope nxt yr will be OK already. Thanks Michelle u inspired me.

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