Crucial Do’s & Don’ts – Airline Interview

Throughout the years, (WOW this sounds like I am 60) I noticed that it is not only skills and knowledge that gets you a job… No guys, I don’t mean that either haha! 😉 I am talking about certain circumstances which can make the difference between you and the other guy which is not automatically in your hands. I learned so much from these situations that I can not wait to share them with you. Honestly, I believe that you can get really far by following these tips. Use those Tips & Tricks to your advantage!

Tip 1: Never go last! 
One of the things which I noticed is that you should never go last. Are you planned to go last? Call them and make sure they swap you. People are people, also the ones who interview you. Imagine this, you are sitting behind that desk watching & selecting 8 random candidates a day, 5 days a week. Wouldn’t you be tired and thinking about going home at the end of a day? I am sure you would pay more attention about getting home than paying attention to the last candidate, who obviously looks freakin’ similar to the other 7 you have already seen that day. Maybe you do not agree with me but I am telling you this since I have experienced exactly this situation… The interviewers even told me that they were tired and could not wait to go home. No joke!
Moreover, they might be tired, but the chance that YOU will be tired by the end of the day is pretty high as well. All of this will not result in a better outcome. I remember that at that same airline, I was waiting for 4.5 hours in the canteen because they were running late. Do you think I was still as awake and fresh as 4.5 hours before?
Throughout the day they make a selection of the candidates they have seen. You have to be really good in order to pass the interview when you are number 8. Just don’t accept this guys and make sure you go as one of the first.

Tip 2: Bring enough food!
This sounds obvious but it isn’t. People are likely to go to an interview bringing only an apple and some water with them. Make sure you bring something which really feeds you. Make sure you are ready to stay there for 8 hours if neccessary. Bring whatever you want but try to avoid all these sugarish foods and drinks. It will give you energy in the beginning but after a few hours it will give you not more than a huge sugar dip and you will feel miserable. Also, bring toothpicks, you don’t want to leave an awkward impression because your mouth is full of strange stuff… 😛

Tip 3: At least 4 copies! 
This is a preparation tip and will reduce your stress level and workload before the interview. Make sure you always have at least 4 color printed copies of your Medical, License, Final Report, References (at least 3) and previous school certificates. Trust me, you will be invited (called) for the interview at the very last minute and not weeks before. This means no time for anything! You will always have to bring these documents in color so make sure you only need to grab them from your desk. This tip brings me to the next one.

Tip 4: Fix your clothing!
What a cliché uh, but it is very true. You will never make the first impression a second time. Make sure you get a good suit or descent looking clothing to go to the interview. Don’t get me wrong, you don’t need a super expensive smooth Italian suit in order to pass the interview. For example, I bought some clothes at the  H&M and went to the interview. My tip for you is to have these clothes ready to wear as well, just like your color printed copies from the desk. The most stressful thing is that you have to worry about your clothing at the very last moment. Ah and another tip, whatever you do, don’t go in your jeans. You think this is obvious too? NOPE! More than once I have seen people going to the interview in their jeans and casual shoes. Don’t be like that because this will reduce your chance of being hired significantly. With jeans it does not matter how good you can fly or how good your knowledge is, it will be end of story.

Tip 5: Positive Vibes!
How do you deal with an irritated captain? Have you ever had a conflict situation and how did you deal with that? Point out 2 negative personality traits! Avoid all these questions and turn them into a positive answer. They are checking you at this moment so don’t fall for this. Stay as positive and as motivated as you can! 2 negative personality traits? ”Hmmm.. Let me think… (Smiling)” 😉  Sometimes I know that it is hard to answer positive on a specific question but just try to turn every negative thing into something good and end with that. ”Yes, I have had some small situations but I can not really call those conflicts. I always try to avoid situations like that by discussing it with the person in question.” Puke, I know, but it works so go for it! 😀

Ok guys, I have many more things to tell you about this interview and about the whole selection process. I will make a lot more articles about this topic in the future but I simply can not write down everything in one article. I hope you can take advantage of these tips and that you will pass the interview. Even though it is something very important, try to enjoy it. Put on your best smile, your best mood and whatever the outcome, remember that you will always learn something from every interview! If you have any other tips please do not hesitate to comment below!

Good luck & enjoy! Xxx 

5 thoughts on “Crucial Do’s & Don’ts – Airline Interview

  1. Hey! Your article was very helpful! Thanks! I wanted to ask you if by saying suit you mean trousers and not a skirt and do you think a black suit would be nice? Also, what kind of shoes do you thing would be suitable for an airline interview?

  2. Hello
    When you got fresh out of aviation school, how long did it take you before you got a decent job?

    1. Dear Ahensa, It took me 2 years to find my first commercial pilot job. I also wrote an article about my life while I was unemployed. You can read more about it here. 🙂

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