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Top 10 Airline Pilot Travel Hacks and Tips

Airline pilots travel all over the world and they know all the in’s and out’s regarding travelling, packing suitcases and airports. Today I share my top 10 airline pilot travel hacks with you. 1.     It all starts with the right suitcases and bags. Travelling light and efficient is one of the quickest ways to make your life super easy whileContinue reading

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Engine failure on a twin engine aircraft, what is it like? Q & A – Part 4

Questions & Answers – Part 4… it’s here! Have I ever had a turnaround time of less than 25 minutes? What is it like to fly a twin engine plane after an engine failure? Can planes land automatically?  And do you need to have experience with an airport before flying there? I received these questions per email and Instagram and today IContinue reading