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Become An Airline Pilot eBook – Bestseller

On the 18th of June 2018 I published my Become An Airline Pilot eBook. During the last 18 months it became apparent that it’s loved by many! We received awesome feedback and thought an article about the eBook was long over due. So, are you dreaming of becoming an airline pilot but don’t know how to achieve that goal? I can help you! Allow me to be your guide and together we can make it happen.

My eBook contains everything you need to know and be aware of to prepare yourself for takeoff. I am going to show you how to become an airline pilot, even when you think you are the last person on earth who can achieve that goal. Teaching you simply everything I struggled with, wasted time on and had questions about during my journey to become an airline pilot. Become an airline pilot. Explained from Alpha to Zulu in a clear and comprehensible way.

Inside this eBook:

How you can become an airline pilot
Chapters divided into 3 clear and comprehensible sections
  My tips and tricks
A true guide from Alpha to Zulu
Assessment preparation
And more! See below whats included…

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What others say about the eBook

I am reading your e-book now and must say it is quite fabulous. Congratulations on writing such a fine,
quality resource – David

I read the ‘before pilot training’ section as fast as I could before I went to sleep and I have to say this is exactly what the aspiring pilot needs, and I’m not just saying that I genuinely mean it. There is a lot of advice out there but this has much more clarity and definitely worth the purchase! – Adam

I honestly had no idea of what I would find in your book, but I have to say I was not prepared for something so extraordinary. I know many people compliment you on your beauty, but you have a truly sharp, brilliant mind. You have completely changed my understanding of what it takes to be a very good pilot. – Gilles

Your advice really helps and your E-book is AMAZING! – Igor

I purchased your ebook and it was amazing. I got so much knowledge from your experiences. Also, I can prepare myself for my interview because I already get the point from your book, so I have much confidence now. Thank you so much for sharing that experiences. Hope you will make another ebook soon. – Angelo

I have recently purchased your E-book, and i loved it. – Pocholo

Bought your ebook and it was fantastic, it really helped me a lot in my process. – Miguel

I am looking to forward to becoming a pilot and since I had many questions about becoming one, I bought your book which I found brilliant and extremely helpful!  – Rafael

Included in this eBook:

Airline pilot personality
Age requirements
The required pre-education
English & LPE
Math & Physics
Medical Certificate & Requirements
Integrated & modular course
The costs involved
Differences per country
Find a flight school
The selection process
The training phases

Licenses & Ratings
How to ace the flight training
ATPL Question Database
How to prepare for an Assessment
The ADAPT Test
The Airline Assessment Interview
Tips & Tricks
CV & Cover letter
CV Example
Over 100 HR & Technical Questions
Math & Physics Formulas

Become an airline pilot ebook

About the Author

My name is Michelle Gooris. I am a Dutch airline pilot living in Amsterdam. At the age of 19 I started my training at CAE Aviation Academy Amsterdam and completed the Airline Pilot Training in 2013. Two years later I obtained my first job as a commercial pilot.

In 2014 I started a YouTube Channel and called it DutchPilotGirl. I decided to use my channel in order to shed some light on the aviation industry. By sharing my experiences I hope to motivate and inspire people to make their dreams of becoming a pilot a reality.

After spending a couple of years in the aviation industry, I learned that taking responsibility, motivation and perseverance are key factors when it comes to achieving goals. With the right mindset, you can achieve anything in life, really! The road towards it will make you a stronger person.

I decided to write this eBook to offer specific guidance to those who wish to become an airline pilot. So, whether you don’t know where to start or preparing for your first assessment, I’ve got you covered. This eBook is full of my best tips and practical advice.

Become An Airline Pilot eBook

The Become An Airline Pilot eBook contains 57 pages of practical information. Explained from Alpha to Zulu in a clear and comprehensible way. Allow me to be your guide towards the right seat, I will not disappoint.

A High Quality PDF File
Read on a phone, tablet and computer
The eBook is optimized for all devices
Instant download of the eBook after purchase
The eBook can be printed as well
Free updates when the ebook is updated
  21.5 MB PDF file

Frequently Asked Questions

become an airline pilot ebook

What is an eBook?
An ebook is a digital book that you can open on your phone, computer and tablet.

Can I read this guide on my e-reader?
No, due to the images the eBook can’t be displayed in an e-reader.

How large is the PDF file?
The PDF file is 21.5 MB

 Is there a download-limit?
You can download this eBook 15 times on as many devices you like. Your download-link expires after 3 days.

Can I order a paperback version of this guide?
Not at this moment but you can print it if you prefer a printed version.

Does the eBook contain information that’s not on your website or YouTube Channel?
Yes! We’ve created all the content specifically for this eBook.

How can I pay?
Our shop system offers you direct download after a secure payment by creditcard or through PayPal.

I can’t find my question
Please email us at or use this contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Not convinced? Check out my eBook page here or the video below for more information.

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  1. Great book, Michelle. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, experience and tips& tricks regarding how to become an airline pilot, helping this many many people who want to pursue this dream.
    I hope I can find something similar about gyroplanes, however, not being so popular as the airplanes, it’s going to be challenging. If you have any suggestions, I am very open to hear them 🙂

    Best regards,

  2. Brilliant videos giving us a great insight into the world of modern day aviation. Hope to fly with you one day.Regards

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