how to pay the pilot training

How to pay the pilot training when you don’t have any money?

Becoming a pilot is super expensive, it really is. Depending on your location, flight training costs between € 50.000,- and € 150.000,-. So where do you get all that money from? How to pay the pilot training? I receive all kinds of questions related to this subject on a daily basis. I am even being asked if I am willing to sponsor individuals so they can become a pilot themselves. Most people that follow me are aware of the fact that I still have a huge loan myself. You can read more about the costs and my story here.

Anyway, I hope it is clear I can’t sponsor anyone since I am happy if I can live debt free by the age of 45. There is something I can do though. I will shed some light on this subject and give you my advice on how to pay the pilot training while you have no money in the bank.

Option 1: Get a loan
Look for the best possible flight school that has a good reputation and solid connections with a bank. It will require you to do your research and to invest quite some time but it will all be worth it in the end! I visited almost every flight school in the Netherlands and finally chose the one which had good connections with European airlines. It also came with an option to cover the tuition through a loan from a well known Dutch bank. Without it I would never have become Dutch Pilot Girl. I am the only one responsible for my loan so whatever happens, I will never drag my parents into a bad financial situation. The majority of pilots out there nowadays basically followed the same path.

Option 2: Make your own money
This is a bit harder but I’ve seen people do it: start a business and sell it later on, use that money for flight training. If you are not able to get a loan, you are automatically forced into a different path. One of the things you could do is to start your own business. There are many ways to make money, but you have to be motivated and willing make it all work. Don’t forget to start early though! In general schools don’t accept students at the age of 31 and above.

If you just want to get a PPL it is a different story since it won’t cost you that much. If you are able to save some money with your day job you can take lessons every now and then. Even before getting your drivers license 😉

Option 3: Move
Temporarily move to another country where conditions are better. It all depends on your priorities, how far are you willing to go? Perhaps it is impossible to get a loan in your own country or the training might be way too expensive. In that case you can consider moving to another country. The tuition fees in the Netherlands are amongst the highest in the world, around €150.000,-  while the same education costs about €50.000,- in the Czech Republic. In the end it’s the same license.

Option 4: Sponsorship
You could get a sugah mommy, just kidding 😉 The last option is to get sponsored in some way, whether it’s by your parents or someone else. If you are one of the lucky ones to be sponsored, it will probably be done by your parents. A disadvantage is that there is no guarantee that you will and can complete the flight training successfully. If you fail a couple of subjects, you are out immediately which results in your parents money being lost. Personally, I would not go for this option as it is a huge risk for the one sponsoring you.

In rare occasions airlines offer sponsorships as well. Keep an eye on the airlines vacancies and look for sponsored programs. The selections are known to be extremely tough though so make sure you are well prepared! Good luck!


In short, this is how you could pay for the pilot training: Get a loan – Make your own money before applying at a pilot school – Apply at a school in another country where prices are lower – Try to get into a sponsorship.

Your Pilot Academy
Once you’ve covered the financial aspect of becoming a pilot, you’ll need to prepare for a selection process. Candidates who are applying for any flight school selection process will be exposed to Math tests, Physics tests, IQ tests, Pilot Interviews, Simulator gradings, group assessments and much more. Your Pilot Academy is a new platform for aspiring pilots which contains pilot assessment courses to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in the most efficient and fastest way possible.



How did you pay for your flight training? How much did it cost to become a pilot in your case? Are you aware of any current sponsorships? Together we can come up with more ways how to pay the pilot training. Please leave a comment below and help fellow aviators. Lets make their dreams a reality!

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  1. Hello
    I’m from India.
    I have perfect deel with who interested in me.
    If you will invest me to become a commercial pilot so after joining any airline I will give you 150% of the money you invest me with in 7 to 10 years.

  2. Hii i am madhavi from India. I completed my graduation in computer science and engineering. But I want to become a pilot it’s my aim. So please anybody help me . I saw so many videos but is there any chance to become pilot after graduation in computer science . And what are the ways?

    1. 1st step to become a pilot you need to check your fitness there are two medicals you should take class 1 and class 2, so 1st complete your class 2 medical and apply your computer number and then prepare your ground papers Meteorology, Navigation and air regulations whether you go abroad or india for your training purpose those 3 subject is mandatory. If you go for abroad the 3 subjects only need to convert for indian license or you planning to do your pilot training in India 5 subjects required but completing 3 subjects it will reduce your toughest part of your ground class so when you complete your ground papers earlier the pilot training duration also become shorter period but it’s all depends on the students capabilities

    2. Minimum educational requirement is 10 +12 with maths and physics mandatory. Incase your 12th background is not under the maths platform like commerce group you need to complete your maths and physics in NIOS and any diploma holders need to take 12th equivalent certificate from your technical board of you complete , then only you can apply your computer number

    3. hi they are many options u can get your mpc certificate is enough for cpl and you can go to best training schools across world.

  3. Hello,
    I’m in my 50’s and started flying when I was 16. I was a summer lifeguard, and a dishwasher. Every penny went into a Cessna 150 for flight training. I’m now an airbus A320 captain for a major airline here in the US. I’ve operated a flight school in Riverside California as a side business for 26 years. Now, my 22 year old daughter will be completing her FAA flight instructor rating at our family run school next month! I bought her a Cessna 150 for her graduation as an A student in high school. She is on her way to an airline career, but she’ll need to build hours at my flight school first. It takes a lot of time and effort (and yes money), but in the end, I’ll have a daughter hopefully flying as my first officer before I retire! Good luck everyone in your future aviation careers.

    1. Fantastic, Blessed is she. I have an earnest desire to fly but I wouldn’t qualify for a flight school as I am nearing my 50’s. Choose to write anyway to you to congratulate and shower some love upon you both for pairing up soon.

  4. Hiiii my name is RENOLDAH and I am currently studying for pilo and I am 20yrs older I have 39 hours but my problem is I have run out of money to finish my PPL please please how can you help me your help will be greatly appreciated

  5. Hello
    My name is Abdullah 19 years old, My dream is to become a Pilot. Am studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering 200 asking please after completing my First degree can I apply for Aviation school

  6. dear Michelle,

    thanks a lot for ur straightforward articles and advices!

    But i noticed something here in the comments of some people…..

    I am amazed, how many people want their dreams to be accomplished so easily, and expect someone to help them… hah….

    My story, for comparison, of how one can be achieving the goals…

    I am a simple Ukrainian girl, from a not rich simple family, and from a very small city in Ukraine… My first flight as a pax i did when i was just 2 or 3 years old… i still have dull memories of it… and when i entered the a/c, i went straight to the cockpit…. )))) all cabin crew and pilots were dying laughing… But at that moment and since that time i definitely fell in love with aviation…

    To make the long story short, currently, i am a 32 year old divorced single mum, but am almost 7 years in aviation already, however as a cabin crew, in the world’s 5-star airline…. It was my first necessary step to achieving a bigger goal… Because i have nobody to help me or sponsor me, I count only on myself, and these past years I’ve been trying hard to save as much as i can, along with supporting my family and raising my 10-year old daughter…

    To be honest, i didnt expect that it will take me so long to save and prepare myself…. however, currently i am almost at the final stage, i hope to fly as a cabin crew for one last year, and to enter a selected aviation school next year for the integrated ATPL course. With God help…

    I am a bit worried and upset because of the years flying by so fast and because of my age, but i’ve got an enormous experience as a crew already, and i know what is it all about, what is required and etc…

    Now, my only concern is to finish saving enough money, and to prepare myself to Physics and Maths entry exams (i am a pure phylologist, folks! Maths&Physics is a dark deep forest for me! LOL… :D)….


    good luck to everybody!

      1. Got my PPL at 24, was almost through to my CPL when I stopped flying for 7 years since funds ran out. Worked in I.T for 7 years, made the cash, finished CPL/IR and Instructor’s at 35. Have couple of positive offers flying the Turbo prop which I can’t wait to get my hands on. In short, it’s all doable if you really want to do it – although it might mean going out of your way to do things so you can afford flight training.

        Happy landings.

    1. “I am amazed, how many people want their dreams to be accomplished so easily,”

      What a complete load. You’re cabin crew, you’re not even in the same conversation as pilots. If that’s your dream then fine, but that’s easily achievable compared to being a pilot. Only silver-spooners and people with low dream bars make comments like this.

  7. Hi! i’m Ishan from Sri Lanka and I’m 20 years old.being a pilot is more than job to me.I would like know what kind of a degree we should have to become a pilot.

    1. Aeronautical Science or Aeronautics that’s if you want to go to an Aeronautical University. Most flight academies take high school diploma.
      But I advice you go to a good Aeronautical University to get your training.
      Thank you.

    2. Actually I think you don’t need a degree to get into CPL. All you want to have is your 12th or equivalent passed with Physics and Mathematics ( Its the requirement in India and If I’m right,in most of the countries these are the requirements ).But its never bad to pursue your CPL after getting a degree,so that you’ll also have a backup.All the best!

  8. hi are so beautiful and your are my idol because you fullfill your dream as a im almost done with my 4 yrs course in aviation school but because of financial problem i didnt..until now im realy frustrated because i dont have money to sustain my dream.maybe being a pilot is not for me.but im lucky that i learn how to fly an airplane even a cessna 150…someday if i win lotto jackpot i will persue my dream as a pilot.haha..

    1. Hi am Athman from Kenya ..of recent am doing a flight dispatch course…can you plzzzz advice me on the steps i should take for me to become a pilot …i will really appreciate because my dream is to become a pilot

  9. Hi machelle…I am karthik from India…in 2007 I have started my flying in India I have cleared all the papers and out of 200 hrs flying I did till 160 hrs…due to some deaths in the family I couldn’t finish the course…now things have become normal at home and everything going feel like doing the course again ..I am 38 years all the flying hours and papers have been lapsed ..even if I start now to clear the papers and finish the flying it might take 2 years I e at the age of 40 I ll be a CPL licence holder…in that age ll I get a job in airlines I do the rating myself…please help me wit some suggestions…I am really confusion to take the decision…

    1. Hello Karthik
      At first I want to let you know that dgca has removed the clause of ‘200 hrs of flying won’t lapse in 5years
      So you may pursue your dream just completing rest of 40 hrs
      First clear your papers, in that also dgca helped students to clear their exams, they are making easy question papers now a days.
      There is good job opportunity in India now days.
      I would say just go for it.
      For more queries you may email at

    1. Yes you can be a pilot if your eye sight is 6/6 after wearing spects, I would suggest you to login website and get any class 2 medical center number and address
      Talk and visit there, they will guide you accordingly

  10. I am a CPL/IR holder in Pakistan. How can I join any airlines in the world as trainer pilot as opportunities in Pakistan are rare. I am ready to move in any country.

    1. Hi Michelle, Am South Sudanese I
      completed my high school this year, I have a interest to be a pilot, but the only thing please can I get scholarship cheaper for flight training centre.

    2. hey azhar. I’m also from Pakistan and can you let me know how much the CPL cost you and if you have any jobs yet? And also where did you do your training from? I’m thinking of becoming a pilot so this would be really helpful!

    3. Dear Azhar, you probably need to convert your license first and you need to have the right to work and live in that specific area or country. Perhaps an instructor job in Dubai might be easiest in your situation?

  11. I’m Janani from India… I just completed high school….. can I aid my pilot training with scholarships?

  12. Hi Michelle
    I am 40 and hold diploma in mathematics and physics. I want to be a pilot. But I can not afford its fees. Is there any solution for that?

  13. Hello Dear Michelle,
    I am 28 years old, and I have BA in Administration but this wasn’t my dream become a Pilot was and still my only dream, but in my country there is no school of aviation, and I took my first step and applied for German Courses in Germany to get visa and I get my visa but I won’t to take this step to change all my life and future but I had a many research about how to become pilot but also I see that the price or fees of the training is so hight and to be honest even if I my parents will help they can’t pay all this money, but here I got your option about loan.
    Do you think I can get loan in germany and my nationality is Iraq?
    and if yes before applying or after applying to school ?

  14. Hello
    I am teen of 14 years and my dream is to be a pilot like you one day.I need help with some of the requirements and unfortunately im in Ghana which doesn’t have amy flight academy so I will need your help with choosing the best flight academy and a low tuition cost.I will like to start my flight school right after high school and will like to know some of the requirements

  15. Hi, I’m in my 30’s and I just re-enrolled in college here in the states. My current employer is paying part of my tuition for the next 2yrs. After that I’m on my own. So I’m trying to save a buttload of money before than. I have very poor debt history. So, the thought of taking out a student loan in the US, scares the living hell out of me. Also starting pilots in the America have traditionally made next to nothing. I’m still wondering if it’s worth it. I might just travel overseas if I go through and finish. I heard Lufthansa has a free aviation training center in AZ. I’ll try to enroll there in the future.

    Question: how soon did you pay off your student debt when you got your job with the airline? Any cash struggle tips you can offer?


  16. Hi Michelle,

    What a great Blog you have here and a really great topic! Congratulations of getting engaged or married (sorry not had a chance to read the whole blog – please accept my apologies if you do cover this).

    I would like to ask a straight shooting question, as I don’t know where the TIME has gone but I’m in my mid 30’s without any collateral (i.e. no £ waiting to be spent).

    May I ask whether you think it is worth even attempting to become a Commercial pilot for BA/Emirates/Lufthansa etc.

    How long would the course take? Which country is best to do it in?? & am i simply too old???

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Nick, Thanks for your comment! You can always become a commercial pilot as long as you obtain a class 1 medical… In this video I discuss the topic in more detail. In your case it’s probably best to go for a modular course since you control the pace. Meaning you would still be able to work and make money while training.

      Nowadays a lot of airlines are hiring! Unfortunately you won’t qualify for any of the sponsored programs because of your age but it’s definitely doable to become a commercial pilot, gain hours and move to the bigger airlines. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  17. Hi there!

    I live in South-Africa , and my dream is to become a pilot , I would love to emigrate to The Netherlands and do all my training there. Do you think its possible. I have been in the Netherlands once, and felt in love with the beautiful country!
    I love your channel! Keep on with the good work!

    1. Hi Tiaan, Thanks for your comment! Unfortunately, I can’t help you there… I don’t know anything about migrating to the Netherlands. I do know that it’s much cheaper to complete the flight training in the US though!

  18. Hi
    I’m priyanshu raj from India.I want become a pilot but in india pilot training course fee is so high but I don’t able to pay fee so I move in another country. I wanna to know about flight academy who’s provide me scholarship so man please comment about that’s school I wanna a pilot it’s my childhood dreams but now I will not to find any way so pls help me
    So I’m thankful to you ma’am
    Thank you!

  19. DutcPilotGirl, I am very jealous of you, Captain Joe, and all pilots as it is my dream to someday be a pilot. I don’t care if I get paid for it or not, I just want to fly. Unfortunately, the cost of flight school is so high, and I don’t want to be in debt until I near retirement. It is also difficult when rather than your spouse’s support you get the opposite. So I have chosen a completely different career path in Nursing. I had tried to get into military flight school, but that plan was doomed from the beginning. So for now I watch your videos with envy, and hope to someday afford flight school.

    1. Wow me and you are so in the same boat, I’m also currently studying to be a Registered Nurse although my dream was to fly, with these extreme flight school prices I might as well be happy where I am and make the most of it ?

  20. Dutchpilotgirl I’m having issues with the medical here in Australia and have been looking at FIFO training nearby with a non Commonwealth country. Any thoughts on the best idea for this?

      1. Modular..I looked at the Ukraine which seems extremely cheap and the US, however I started in Lebanon but only PPL is offered there to start.

        1. Khaoula,
          i am from Ukraine, and believe me, it is almost impossible to become a pilot in my country!:)) even to become a cabin crew, u need to pass a selection process, like as if u r going to fly a space ship!

          First of all, entry requirements r ridiculously high in my country (like health condition, for example… u cant hv bad eyesight, ANY sort of blood or heart issues, even smallest ones)… military service is mandatory, at least for the males! and etc etc…. plus, as far as i know, our aviation college is not EASA accredited yet, so probably its cheaper than anywhere else, but absolutely useless.
          so, look for other options.

  21. Thanks for the nice topic , the flight school accept student from all ages even if you were above 30’s
    Good luck

  22. Hey Mam My name is Saurav From India. i have a small droopy Eyelid In my right eye.Is it a problem? Please please Answer Mam

  23. Hi Michelle,
    Ben from USA. I do appreciate for what your doing for fellow airplane amateurs. All the information you provide is of great help.I do have a question, I am 26 I work for an aerospace company. I have a student loan I am paying off right now and it may take a year from now to clear it off. I always dreamt of becoming an Airline Pilot. Is 27 too late to start? Also I will have to take a loan for the entire training. Would that be a good idea and if I do how long would it take to pay off usually. Where am going with this is, how much will I get paid initially?

    1. I put much work into seeing how one could do this with the finding that Regional Freight is to be focused on with the idea that if one is proceeding well we can get the carrier to contract to retire the debt but is only for those whom are interested naturally as the workload for Scheduled Carrier has hidden burdens that most cannot anticipate ♦ For example an 8-hour rule may result in only 4 hours sleep due to getting to the room ••• 27 is better age to start as some maturity has been obtained ~ I suggest pay as you go with spending much time studying advanced works as there are many fine-detail nuances that exist now which did not occur decades ago — parallel departures for example there is an outbound turn at Los Angeles Intl Airport on the IFR Plates at about Santa Monica ~ with people paying for you to do this there is no room for Fantasy Expectations

      Heading 240° in that situation can make your loan-anticipation an easily retire-able thought

  24. Hey i really really did love your article, but i have some questions or need some of your opinions, i live in mexico, and since im in high school i am paying for my sign in for it, (since over here in mexico you have to pay to get into high school) so basically, i dont come from a rich or average economic family but i am planning into being a atleast commercial plane pilot since i have type 1 diabetes, i wasnt born right here in mexico, so i plan in getting into a flight school in the u.s. Is there any job that can help me pay off flight school besides a loan? (and not only high school but my needs like medical for insulin and the basics and a apartment since i have no family over there).

      1. Hii mam I want become pilot but money problem mam help me… This is not just my dream this is my everything mam… Hope u understand and reply me…

  25. Hi Michelle,

    Thanks for all the hits and tips you post in your blog. I think you are doing a great job in here.


  26. Thank you so much for this helpful info Michelle.I found it at a time when I was on the verge of giving up but I must say I am more than inspired now!Am going for aviation it is what my heart wants.Someday I will thank you enough

  27. Hi Michelle, can we work and study pilot at the same time? Will air school allow us ? I’m from Nepal and I want to become a pilot but I cannot afford as it is too expensiveexpensive .

    1. Hi there! Well it’s nearly impossible to work while in an integrated flight training course… However, you would be able to work and study at the same time when you go for a . modular course since you can control the pace.

  28. Hey Michelle,

    Thanks a lot for the insight! 🙂 Now that you are already a pilot (I suppose it’s been close to a year now), would you say that the money invested in becoming pilot is worth it? In the post, you have mentioned that you would be debt free probably by the age of 45. That’s a really long time to be debt free and enjoy other aspects of life as well. Also, at this stage do you get to spend any quality time with your family and friends?


    1. Hi Ruchir! It was definitely worth it, I am having a blast and my work doesn’t feel like work… I also get to spend quality time with friends and family 🙂

  29. Thanks Michelle , I also wanted to be a pilot and am looking forward to it , Will.keep you posted about my progress , Pray for me ☺️

  30. Hi, I am from Bangladesh. I want to know that do completing the modules (PPL, CPL with IR/MER and CFI) reduce the cost rather than complete ATPL course ? Can i work as instructor to earn money after CFI ?

    1. PPL is not for working rather it is an initial license to get to CPL and of-course you can also fly an aircraft with your own money. In order to be working as a professional pilot you must have CPL.

  31. hello Michelle,I’m just a teen who’s still in school (germany) ,but I’ve been wondering how would I be able to pay for the pilot training.I’ve read an article that says Lufthansa covers the finances,of which you have to pay back ~60k in relatively small installments.
    Do you know what would the installments cost be,and how long would you need to cover all the finances?

    1. Hi Belmin, I am sorry but I don’t know anything about the financial benefits that come with the training program. The best way to proceed is by contacting them directly. I am certain that they can provide you with the answers you seek. All the best and good luck!

      1. How to get some flying hours at half price?
        The local flight school may do a collection of a sensitive document or other from a distant area on a weekly basis. Ask them if you can pay half their costs in exchange for the flight hours. This usually ends up with you in the left seat and a school pilot in the right. Because he/she will most likely have an instructor rating you good to go and could even be taught an extra skill on the way while you log hours at half the price.
        In my day we used to collect checks from farmers on behalf of a financial company. While I realise technology may have changed the idea has not.

      2. Michelle!
        U a.really really beautiful pilot girl I saw you
        My heart also makes me look like you Menz gourgeous pilot
        How you became a pilot
        I also wish become a pilot but i hv no other resorses to become a pilot.
        NOT a.proper contect poilt company.
        PLZ!!! HELP me i.wish i wnt to become a pilot u suggested me. SOMTHING How i became a pilot

  32. Hi ma’am &Sir; I’m Kevin J.Villaplaza pure Filipino and willingly to become a pilot someday but I can’t afford the tuition pay in the school because my family is only a farmer my Instagram kevmoto123…I’m asking a question we’re I get a free scholarship in my country! Philippines…..?

    1. Hi Kevin, Sorry but I am unfamiliar with pilot schools in the Philippines. Browse the internet and forums to find out more about opportunities within the Philippines and visit the pilot schools to learn more about their requirements and ways of funding the tuition. Good luck!

    2. Try to search something about your country’s AIRFORCE. Maybe you can get free flying there and then after serving country you can fly commercially.

  33. Hiii I am Nafisur Rahman from India. I am a Big fan of yours . I also wanted to became a pilot but in my country the cost of Flight School is very high and after taking license its not sure that i can get a job nor i can apply in any other countries because our license is only valid in our Country.
    So i wanted to move in some other countries where i can get a Good Flight School and there training cost low fees. I am very much confuse that how i can pay for my Flight School. This article is really helpful but didn’t mention about scholarship because I heard that many Airlines offers Scholarship in which entire Training will free and after Training they will hire you. One of the example is here in Singapore (
    Plz give me some Ideas or your views about this I will be very thankful to youand plz kindly replay my Email is (*********) and my number is ********.
    Thank You

    1. Hello Nafisur, I guess there are no pilots that really have a 100% guarantee that they will get a job as a pilot after they graduate.

      You managed to find a cadet program that covers the training expenses. Those kind of programs are known to have really though selections. However, they are kind of great since you most likely end up working for the airline that is hosting the program, in this case Singapore Airlines which is supposed to be a great airline to work for. In this case I guess the training is paid by them and you even get an allowance while in training. So I would definitely go for it if you have the opportunity to do so! Good luck!

      Ps. I removed your contact details. Since I reply on comments directly I don’t need your email address or phone number.

  34. Brilliant article Dutch Pilot Girl.
    Thank you for posting. You have a kind and real life attitude. Thank you for so much information. It is refreshing to know we can go through the same stuff as a professional Dutch Pilot Girl.
    Thanks also for your ATPL tips.
    Guys! Quit asking her for sponsorship, she is not a bank but is broke like you and me and yet, she will give you F R E E advice in her posts that few pilots would ever do.
    Thank you Dutch Pilot Girl.


  35. Hey,
    I am huge fan of yours. A big salute which you do for new generation.
    I also want to become a successful PILOT. For this i want to know some steps for my dreams come true.
    That how can i get the “study loan” and the “best fight school ” So that the my money will not waste.

    This number is my personal ********** I will be very thank full for your help.

    1. Hello Ravinder, I removed your telephone number since I will not be using it. Besides, it isn’t wise to post personal details like that on the internet since people can use it against you. Here you can learn more about choosing a flight school. The study loan you need to get at a bank and probably a pilot school can assist you with that. Look for local opportunities, speak to other pilots in your country, visit pilot schools etc. That way you can get further. All the best, Michelle

  36. Hello madam,
    From Bangalore, Karnataka,India,
    Subject :I wanna become a pilot badly!!
    I wanna become a pilot as it is my childhood dream now I am 23 years old I’m very fond of speed on land with bikes and cars I’m studying about planes since I was 10 even my parents know about it, I took them to a aviation company they conducted a interview and I even passed they asked my parents 1000000 rupees in Indian money but my parents are not ready to pay so much I was disappointed and depressed about it!! So I started going to work but even then I couldn’t save so much money till now but I’m sure I will earn more in future I have the hope on me I can’t wait till I earn so much because becoming a pilot age matters so please madam help me with my career now and I will help you forever they say before you do something dream and work on it I’m working on it since 13years I’m not able to even forget about it I wanna achieve it at any cost I hope you understand.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Vaibhav,

      why don’t you try NDA(iaf pilots/navy pilots), go for it man it’s free and don’t waste your time. Only selection is tough that’s it. job assured and after 10yrs get to a commercial airline

  37. Hello Michele Good evening to You from İzmir city Turkey. I really like your posts as well as always. The reason is You feel and behave responsible for the new canditates of Aviation Who do want to become a Pilot.This way of You shows that You are a really nice and true person as a humanbeing. Because Pilots don’t have to explain their career. So You respect people. I hope You meet with the graceful pople in your life time. Let me ask You that ; What kind of specialities do the Pilot Canditates have in Physical and health needs /Qualificaitons to get the Pilot License ? Bwecause I heard that once The team of doctors check even your fingers symmetry Beside I see flight videos of pilots on Youtube Who wear on glasses to see accurate views.( I mean about the Pilots Who have Eye Disorders ) Have nice days and excellent joyful flights. Kindly Regards to You.

    1. Hi Omer, Thank you for your kind words. There are certain limitations regarding the medical conditions. Every commercial pilot needs to have a Class 1 medical. I never heard about finger symmetry but these are some of the checks that are included in a medical check: Eye sight, eye condition, lungs, ears and hearing, balance, heart, blood, urine, weight and more. You can fly with glasses but there are limits. All the best, Michelle

      1. Hello Michelle How do You do ?

        I wish You happy New Year. And I wish You live healthy,peaceful,happy and wealthy new year with your family and friends in joy. Kindly Regards to You.

  38. Nice article! I am currently studying the CPL theory and probably will start flying next year. I live in Colombia and the whole program to get your CPL is around 50.000 american dollars. It is cheaper than in the United States. Did you finish your CPL in the Netherlands or in Arizona?

    1. Thanks for your insight Jorge! I finished my training in the Netherlands and the school was based there as well. But because of the weather conditions and some other reasons the majority of the flight training itself took place in Arizona. I had a great time there! Good luck with your training!

      1. Hi! I am Gahungu Christian. From Rwanda am 16years old I need to become a pilot but the issue is that my parents can not afford it what can I do about that.

      2. Hi Michelle,
        I am from india.i wanna.become pilot.iam 27 .
        Which country would be the best choice currently in terms for employment after studies??
        The Netherlands??

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