The Airline Pilot Selection Process

After completing the training it is time to find yourself a job at an airline! Easy? No… Doable? Certainly! The articles below guide you through some of the most difficult phases of your career. My goal is to create a serious amount of content that covers all aspects of the Airline Pilot Selection Process. Not a pilot and not interested in becoming one? Than don’t read any further and try the Travel section instead…Everyone loves to travel 😉

ADAPT Test - Airline Selection Process - Dutch Pilot Girl


The ADAPT Test, what is it? Why is it important? As an ab initio you should know as much as possible about this test and in this article I will explain you why and what to expect. It might mean the difference between passing a selection process and failing it. The ”Advanced ADAPT Test”’ is a computer based testing system which includes the following elements: Advanced Cognitive Test, FAST, Aviation Knowledge Test, Co-ordination Assessment and Advanced Personality Questionnaire. Continue reading….

Crucial Do’s & Don’ts – Airline Interview

Throughout the years, (WOW this sounds like I am 60) I noticed that it is not only skills and knowledge that gets you a job… No guys, I don’t mean that either haha! ? I am talking about certain circumstances which can make the difference between you and the other guy which is not automatically in your hands.learned so much from these situations that I can not wait to share them with you. Honestly, I believe that you can get really far by following these tips. Use those Tips & Tricks to your advantage! Lets go!

The Airline Pilot Selection Process explained!

It would be nice to get some community activity around these articles so we can improve the information and keep them up to date! So in case you have any questions, concerns or if you just want to share some information, please feel free to comment on the articles or contact me directly. It is much appreciated by myself and other pilots that arre looking for accurate information about the Airline Pilot Selection Process 🙂

Good luck out there fellow aviator. You can do it!