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Gifts for Pilots & Aviation Enthusiasts – 2023/2024

You might be wondering, what sort of gifts pilots like or appreciate? With Christmas approaching I figured it is the right time to offer some advice! Coming up with gifts for people can be time consuming and difficult. Especially if you are dealing with a pilot you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Pilots often have a luxurious lifestyle (after a couple of 10 years), so it might be challenging to find something original. As a pilot I am able to help you. A list of great gifts for pilots, coming up!

Sunglassesserengeti - DutchPilotGirl

A pilot cannot live without them. Get your loved one a decent pair of sunglasses and they will be extremely grateful. My recommendation? Go for a Serengeti or RayBan. They are known for their quality. Make sure it’s not polarized though! For more information, I’ve written an article about sunglasses a while ago, you can read it here.

Aviation Headset

Another essential piece of equipment for any pilot; an aviation headset. Are you looking to get one as a gift? Go for the best option out there, he/she will absolutely love the Bose A20 or Bose ProFlight Series 2 aviation headset. Not sure which one to buy? Check out my videos below about the A20 and the ProFlight Series 2, first. Or read my article about aviation headsets for pilots. They are worth every penny, a long term investment and you can’t go wrong with either of these.

become an airline pilot eBook

Bose currently has a holiday season promotion! If you purchase a ProFlight Series 2 or A30 aviation headset you receive a free Sound Link Micro bluetooth-speaker. Click here for more information about this holiday season promotion!

My eBook

The perfect gift for any aviation enthusiast that wants to pursue his/her dream to become an airline pilot. This also makes a great gift for pilots that obtained a Private Pilot License and want to take their aviation career to the next level. The eBook contains everything you need to be aware of in case you want to become an airline pilot. Become An Airline Pilot, Explained from Alpha to Zulu, in a clear and comprehensible way. Purchase it here.


A pilot always loves a good flashlight. A necessity during flight training (night flights) and a gadget for the professional. Fits in every pilot bag and will always come in handy. Definitely something your favorite pilot will appreciate! Convinced? Get one here.

Aircraft ModelPilot Gifts

Age doesn’t matter. If he or she doesn’t have an aircraft model of the aircraft they currently fly, you should get them one now! Pilots should always have at least one aircraft model, preferably one that represents the airline they work for or dream of working for. Get them on Amazon!

Luxury Watch

presents for pilotsIWC Spitfire - DutchPilotGirlIf your budget has absolutely “no limit”, perhaps a luxury watch is a good option. There are many pilot watches available nowadays. You might be familiar with some of the high end brands for pilot watches already. IWC and Breitling for example. They are known for their precision and automatic movements. A bit too expensive? Don’t despair, there are plenty of great cheaper alternatives like Citizen or Hamilton.

waterman pen gift for pilots

Personalized Pen

Another great gift for your loved one! An engraved pen is always a meaningful gift. It doesn’t need to be a Mont Blanc, a regular one will do just fine. It’s the message from you which makes it a generous gift. Combine it with a special moment during the pilots career, like an upgrade, the first solo or the first commercial job and you have got something really special. Get one here.

I truly hope this article gave you some ideas. These gifts for pilots will most likely be loved by many. Do you have some gift ideas as well? Leave them in the comments so other readers can benefit as well 🙂 Much appreciated! Besides, if you are currently looking for an airline job, make sure to visit Your Pilot Academy.  Your Pilot Academy prepares candidates for an upcoming (flight school or Airline) pilot selection process. Learn, practice, repeat and pass your selection process with ease!

Stay tuned for more content and YouTube videos. It won’t be long until I publish the next one! All the best and happy holidays! – Michelle

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9 thoughts on “Gifts for Pilots & Aviation Enthusiasts – 2023/2024

  1. Oh, how about a bottle of a good hand and body lotion to moisturize their skin because traveling for long hours in the airplane the air will be very dry.

  2. “Hallo Michelle!” Hope you’re healthy and safe. I really love your B789 Model. But to expand your likes, I really think that you can get more Boeing Models (777 or 767). Just to share with you, I really think people would love them.
    De volgende keer,

  3. Hi Michelle,
    I have flown countless times and wondered about the signage along taxiways and the lights on the edge of taxiway / runway. In one of your future videos could you talk us through some of the lights and signs from pushback to runway. I’ve often wondered what they all mean. As I go along the various taxi ways to the runway.
    Thank you. Stay safe and safe flying.

  4. Low budget option can be a customized luggage tag sometimes you can find some made from the original skin of scrapped airplanes it is really nice gift for avation enthusiasts. Many would like to have sth made of B747 or sth even older that does not fly any longer.

    Take care

  5. HI Michelle,

    Hope all is well with you. Great article as always. The Bose Headset is on my Santa list.

    Have always wondered something. If you could have any airplane to own which model would it be?
    What would be the paint color you choose, exterior and interior?
    Would your Dutch Pilot Girl Logo be on the tail?
    What name would you give it?

    Hope you have a great holiday season. And Santa is good to you.

    Safe flying.

    Take care

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