Visual approach into Samedan, Switzerland.

Video: Approach into Samedan, Switzerland (Alps)

I just published a new video on my Youtube Channel. The video puts you in the pilot seat of a Bombardier Challenger 604 (Business Jet) and takes you through one of the most challenging approaches in existence – Samedan, Switzerland.

Samedan airport is located in the Swiss Alps. Hence, it is surrounded by high mountains. It is in close proximity of St Moritz. A place for the rich and famous. People go there during the winter season to relax and enjoy the views. And of course there are plenty of ski slopes all around.

The approach into Samedan is challenging because of a number of reasons. The elevation of the terrain is a lot higher than average (5.600 feet) and it is surrounded by rough terrain. Weather conditions can be tricky and ther

e is no instrument approach available. There is also a lot of glider and skydiving activity to take into consideration.

Some facts about Samedan Airport:

  • ICAO Identifier: LSZS
  • Entry points: Maloja & Zernez
  • Runway axis: 03 /21
  • Runway length: 1800 m
  • VFR Approach
  • Elevation 5.600 Ft AMSL
  • Helicopter traffic
  • Gliders and Skydivers
  • Uncontrolled Airport

I will create an uncut movie of this approach as well as some behind the scenes content soon.

Watch the video here:


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  1. Have a look at Cycg. It’s a circling approach and when you break out you are at 3000’ above the runway. It’s in the Canadian Rockies very similar to what you just posted.

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