My interview with @Mega.Aviation

Just recently I was interviewed by instagrammer @Mega.Aviation about my career and aviation related topics. He interviews pilots on a regular basis and shares them on his website. He asked me 9 questions regarding my life as a pilot and these were my answers!

1) Tell us what made you want to become a pilot? 
Working behind a desk watching the hours pass by to get home asap… Eeeh NO, that was not something I dreamed about, at all. There are a lot of things which made me choose this profession actually. I love a dynamic and hectic environment where anything can change any second. Dealing with fuel, passengers, ground staff and atc within a short amount of time is challenging and therefore very exciting! 

Moreover, to be in charge and to have the responsibility of such a huge airplane always inspired me. The adrenaline when you take off/land and the beautiful views made me addicted to flying. All of this I wanted to experience on a daily basis.


2) Where did you train and describe your experience training there?
I trained at CAE Oxford Aviation Academy. I completed the theoretical part in Amsterdam, the flying part in Phoenix, Arizona and the MCC/JOC in Oxford, England. My experience with this school was very good. We flew with one of the best aircraft to all kind of destinations. I gained a lot of experience and there were always people to help or instruct you. CAE kept me up to date regarding new job opportinities and finally sent me to the airline I currently work for. Can’t complain!


3) What aircraft did you fly for your initial training?
I flew in the Piper Archer, Diamond 40 and Diamond 42.


4) What was your hardest part of the training?
Not the flying itself or the theory actually. To be honest I think that the time after the training is the hardest part. After the training your classmates become competitors. All of a sudden you are now on your own in a time where airline jobs are very hard to find.


5) What advice would you give to aspiring pilots?
Study hard, set your priorities and focus on your goal. Eventually you will be in the right hand seat of a jet aircraft having the best job you could ever imagine. When things get tough, don’t give up and stick to the original plan 😉 Good luck guys!


6) What has been your best moment in the air?
The first take off and landing in the Boeing 737-800 with passengers. All those years of hard work payed off.


7) What is your favorite destination to fly to?
The Netherlands of course haha!


8) What is the biggest misconception about your job?
Haha, there are a lot! That the co pilot is the slave of the captain and never flies, that women belong in the kitchen and not in the cockpit, that we have to gain at least 1000 hours a year to be able to keep the license current, etc. You want me to continue? 🙂


9) Was there something you wish you did prior to training, that would be?
I do not have something I wish I did. However I do have some things I wish I knew prior to the training. How many costs are attached to this profession, for example.


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