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App: B737-800 Type Rating Exam

One of my goals is to help, advise and inspire. There are many people that reinvent the wheel over and over again when joining the aviation industry. I answer questions per e-mail or write an article when I notice a question that pops up regularly. One of the most commonly asked questions; How did you prepare yourself during the ground school phase of the Type Rating? I completed a Type Rating course for the B737-800 in 2016 and by now I know what you can expect and how to get the best results on the B737-800 Type Rating Exam. I studied the material and practiced by answering questions about the subjects I studied.

Ground School

In general the ground school part of a Type Rating doesn’t take that long, usually around 2 weeks. It is also considered the toughest part of any Type Rating course since you will sit in a class room all day and receive loads of information about the aircraft you are going to fly. Forget your social life during this period. You will need to study all aircraft systems and procedures. Basically you need to make yourself familiar with an entire aircraft in a short amount of time. In order to check if you understand the aircraft systems in depth, it is wise to go through as many technical questions as you can. I found out that the easiest way to do so is by using an app.

Why this App?

This is the no-nonsense app you need when you are about to start a Type Rating course for the Boeing 737-800. The sooner you start practicing, the more time you have left to check yourself. Therefore you will have way more time to study the subjects which need a little more attention. With this app you know exactly where you are at regarding your systems knowledge and what to expect on one of the most important exams during your Type Rating. More than 300 technical questions about the Boeing 737-800, divided into different subjects, will almost certainly enable you to pass the B737-800 Type Rating exam. On a side note though; I strongly believe that you should only use this app to check yourself after you went through the study material. You need to know your stuff 😉

Download it here: TR-737-800 Type Rating Quiz
Website: http://www.mypilotapps.com/

I hope you found this article helpful. If you did, perhaps you wan’t to know more about my career or my experiences during the Type Rating. In case you have anything to add or if you used this app yourself and want to share your experiences, please feel free to leave a comment below.

5 thoughts on “App: B737-800 Type Rating Exam

  1. How about buying the 737 simulation from PMDG, sit in the plane and play around with the different systems?

  2. Hi Michelle!
    While reading this article some questions appeared, so I’m going to ask them. First of all, great article and thank you for that. And now my questions. Is the base training just a practical task, that you fly, get out of the aircraft and that’s it or is it a kind of an exam, that you might pass or fail? And in case of failing, do you need to take 6 circuits again or how does it looks? Is retaking the exams included in price of Type Rating or you need to pay to take an exam once more in case of failure (I guess the price could be very high).

    Second thing now. When exactly do you become a type-rated pilot for 737? Is it after all simulator checks and base training? Or is it after line training and passing some kind of line check (I believe there is one)?

    Thank you for your answers, I wish you a great summer 🙂

    1. Hi Bartosz, it’s nice to see you are still here from time to time!

      The base training is indeed a practical task, it’s the final step of a Type Rating. The base training is an exam, you need to make 6 proper landings before you pass. It happens that pilots have to redo the base training and it depends on the airline if you need to pay for the extra base training. The costs can indeed be tremendous.

      You become Type Rated when the Type Rating is added to your license by the licensing authority. The Type Rating consists of a Type Qualification and Base Training. The line training and line check are something else entirely.

      I wish you a nice summer as well and I hope the above helps you further! Please don’t hesitate to ask if there is still some unclarity.

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