become an airline pilot eBook

eBook – Become An Airline Pilot

I am going to show you how to become an airline pilot, even when you think you are the last person on earth who can achieve that goal.

What would it look like if you would have a book which guides you from the moment you start thinking about becoming an airline pilot, until you are signing a contract on a big jet airplane? A guide which you can look into even before starting the flight training in order to get the best results possible and a guide which you can grab just before entering an airline selection interview. Teaching you simply everything I struggled with, wasted time on and had questions about in my journey to become an airline pilot.

A couple of years ago I would have loved to have a book like this as it would have saved me a lot of time and effort, especially since I had no aviation background whatsoever. I am currently a First Officer on the Boeing 737-400 and Boeing 737-800, flying to destinations I could only dream of a couple of years ago. I have flown many different approaches into challenging airports and had the pleasure to meet incredible people along my career so far. Not one single day I regretted having chosen for this profession and if you are interested in becoming an airline pilot, I wish you exactly the same. If you want to end up in the same right seat and take advantage of my knowledge and experiences I gained before, during and after the flight training, then I would highly recommend this eBook.

Become an airline pilot. Explained from Alpha to Zulu in a clear and comprehensible way.

For who? This eBook is for anyone who is thinking about starting an airline pilot career until graduated pilots applying for airline selection processes.

Included in this eBook:

Airline pilot personality
Age requirements
The required pre-education
English & LPE
Math & Physics
Medical Certificate & Requirements
Integrated & modular course
The costs involved
Differences per country
Find a flight school
The selection process
The training phases

Licenses & Ratings
How to ace the flight training
ATPL Question Database
How to prepare for an Assessment
The ADAPT Test
The Airline Assessment Interview
Tips & Tricks
CV & Cover letter
CV Example
Over 100 HR & Technical Questions
Math & Physics Formulas

Why this eBook?

It is quite simple, after reading this eBook you are an expert on how to become an airline pilot. Nothing will stand in your way to achieve that goal. Let me be your guide towards the right seat, I will not disappoint.


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