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The best trolleys for business trips! – Review 2017

Going through airport security is not something to look forward to. Its always a hassle and especially annoying when you travel frequently, like I do. Nowadays you are required to remove your electronic devices and liquids from your suitcase. The only way to make this process easier is by investing in a good trolley. It can save you a lot of time, effort and energy if you do. Trolleys come in all sorts of quality and sizes. Some are equipped with fancy features like GPS, built in scales and power banks. Others are especially designed to be lightweight while still enabling you to pack all the stuff you need for a weekend trip. I use a couple of trolleys, depending on the duration and the purpose of a trip. I listed some of my favorites below.

Lets start with the Kozmos Pilot Case from Lojel. I just started using it and I couldn’t be happier. Its light, spacious and well designed. The pilot case fits in an overhead bin and all of the compartments are lockable by TSA approved locks. The compartment on the front is easily accessible and it can hold your electronic devices effortlessly. The main compartment enables me to carry an extra uniform, toiletries, chargers and other important stuff. I never know where I end up at the end of a day so having those things with me gives me peace of mind. Mine is silver but its also available in black or gold. I am sold and would recommend this case to everyone who is going on short weekend or business trips. More info here.

This trolley from Bluesmart is truly amazing and its packed with modern technology. One of it best features: the built in power bank. I always had problems with my phone running low on battery while traveling and lets face it, we use our phones for basically everything while we are on the road. Having a power bank built in is truly a great feature and a feels like a life saver at times. It also has a built in scale, a GPS tracker and a TSA lock that can also be locked by using the app. Just one thing to keep in mind: for all these amazing features to work, you need to charge the suitcase itself 😉 This is the future of traveling! You can get the latest version here.

The Rimowa trolley is probably the strongest case on the market. Because of its high quality and sturdiness it’s ideal for people that travel a lot. This German (:P) trolley can handle just about anything. Its lightweight construction and dual compartment system ensures that you can take the maximum amount of stuff with you. A lot of pilots, business people and frequent travelers use this trolley since it is reliable and last but not least, very stylish. Get it here.

So these are my absolute favorites trolleys! What are your favorites and would you recommend any other type or brand? I am happy to hear your opinions and ideas! Don’t forget to check out the reviews about pilot bags, headsets and sunglasses.

2 thoughts on “The best trolleys for business trips! – Review 2017

  1. Final Part Of My Message Which I have just written Above ;
    I advise You the third German one for its solidity called The Rimowa Trolley and the second Trolley for its GPS Tracker on it.The first one is like your handbag While the Women carry on their hand and on their shoulder in their daily life. Therefore ; I can evaluate your first trolley as hand baggage Which can easily take inside the plane and carry inside lockers of plane than the other baggages Which carry at general Plane baggage. By the way ; I like your Colour choice. You are really perfect color chooser. The grey trolley is so modern and cute in looking.

    All these are my ideas and advises to You. I wish You great success and good luck in your Pilot Career as always. Kindly Regards from İzmir City -Turkey.

  2. Hello Michelle How do You do ? You know You increased my knowledge about the latest Technological Suitcases. First of all ; Thank You very much for preparing this review. So Ihave just learned that There are technological baggages and suitcases Which have power bank and GPS trackers locking and unlocking by Smart Phone Application on it. Really really great.

    If You ask my opinion ; Samsonite is the well known suitcase brand in Turkey. And I may advise You the logic of having suticase for You. First important point ; Look for the quality and solidity for your stuff in compartments of suitcase. Second ; I really liked the GPS Tracker system. Because You know ; While I was working for an Airline Company’s Ticket Sale Office everybody was complaining about the lost and the found office and was curious about their Lost Suitcases. So by this way ; The Lost and Found Office will close for the lost Suitcases of Airline Passengers. GPS Tracker System on a suitcase is a very very useful , vital invention for all Travellers on the World.
    Finally ; I may advise You to buy suitcases Which are Solid and have high quality in its production and ofcourse cover small areas inside lockers of the plane. And easy to carry and feel to the passenger light in weight at the carrying time period.Shortly ; It must be ergonomic and Aerodynamic for Travels. ( Continue Next Message Because I can’t send You all the message in one time in one pair. )

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