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The best pilot bag! – 2017 Review

There are many different pilot bags available. Pilots use their bags on a daily basis and that is why it’s crucial to buy a good one. I noticed there a few aspects which are important when it comes to choosing a pilot bag that suits your needs. In this article I explain these aspects and give you my recommendations.

Size matters
First of all, depending on how much space you have in the cockpit, you can determine the size of your pilot bag. I have a pilot trolley which is just a little on the big side. Therefore, I always have trouble getting my bag in and out of the cockpit (Boeing 737-800). Ideally this is not what you want and therefore it is better to not take the biggest size you can find.
Another important aspect is the space inside the bag. Sometimes a bag looks pretty big from the outside but when you look inside there are too many different boxes which reduces the space significantly. At least your headset should fit 😉

Living out of a suitcase
And last but not least, take your operation into consideration. If you are proceeding to many different places and you always take a big suitcase with you, then a pilot bag would be much better than an extra pilot trolley. In this case you can carry your pilot bag on top of your big suitcase so you will not need to carry 2 suitcases all the time. This is especially the case for business aviation pilots.
If you fly back to your home base every day (like me), I would advise you to buy a pilot trolley. This will save you a lot of energy since you don’t need to carry it around.
Depending on the budget you can choose bags made of plastic, leather or polyester. I currently have a low budget plastic one and I noticed that this bag does not last too long. I’ve been using it for a couple of months and it’s already full of scratches and holes. There are different brands which are well-known to deliver high quality and comfortable pilot bags. Continue reading to find out which pilot bags I am talking about!

1. Alpine Swiss Rolling 17”  BriefcasePilot Bag - Dutch Pilot Girl - Hard Cover or not?
This black bag is a typical pilot suitcase, you most likely came across one of these. The bag has wheels and a hard cover. I like the hard cover since it can take a hit. It contains one large compartment inside with a padded laptop or iPad sleeve, very convenient. An organizer inside flap with a zippered pouch and a side pouch are present in the bag which enables you to divide your important documents and shield them from your headset/food. The briefcase is 19” X 14” X 9”. This is exactly what you want when you are looking for a relatively cheap and super durable pilot bag. If you are interested in this pilot bag, take a look here or click on the image.

2. Swissgear GranPilot Bag - Dutch Pilot Girl - Wheels or no wheels?ada Rolling Case
If you want an easily accessible bag with a lot of storage capability then this bag might be perfect. This bag has many pockets and slots for small items like your cellphone and passport. Another advantage is that it is super light since the material is made from nylon instead of heavy hard plastic or leather. This suitcase is smaller than a hard cover bag which makes it a lot easier to maneuver through narrow walkways and tight corners. Last but not least, due to the zippers and hidden compartments, it can expand significantly. Just open it up and all of a sudden there is space for clothing, food and a lot more. Only when you need it of course, because this ‘expanding opportunity’ is what makes this model (and any other similar model of course) very efficient. Here you can take a look at some details and find similar pilot bags.


3. Victorinox Lexicon Professional Lexington 15Pilot Bag - Dutch Pilot Girl - Review
In my opinion this expandable bag from Victorinox is the best of all. Why? This pilot bag is a combination of the best suitcases and has a lot of advantages. Where shall I start… Due to the removable and adjustable & removable shoulder strap you can choose if you want to carry this bag on your shoulder or use it as a trolley. You can use the desired number of compartments that suit your specific needs for that moment. You might need less compartments when going on a business trip and more when you have a long haul flight. Therefore you do not need to worry about the size, this bag will always fit wherever you go! This light and high quality suitcase is made from nylon and leather. Hopefully you won’t need it in flight but this bag is fitted with water-resistant expandable zippers on both laptop and all accessories compartments. The compartments are padded and can hold a 16” laptop. Last but not least, the Swiss Tracker will help you reunite you with your luggage should it ever be lost. It will cost you some money, the only disadvantage, but you won’t be disappointed! 😉 Check out this website for more details and information about this bag!

The Victorinox, nr.3,  is my favorite since it has everything you need as an (airline) pilot.

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20 thoughts on “The best pilot bag! – 2017 Review

  1. Its funny, I have the same Victorinox bag and very happy with it. But now Im looking for a wheelie as Im getting old. Oh by the way you are so cute…

  2. Dear Michelle,
    I have had many cases and bags myself, but I am not a pilot. Now I have a Brightline flight bag, https://www.brightlinebags.com/ This is the best one I have ever had and I travel a lot for work. Lots of space and pockets to store my stuff and I can configure it, depending on the material I need to take with me. I bought mine at the Pilotshop in Lelystad.
    Best Regards,

  3. Have been through 2 “pilots”bags in 2 years. Either the wheels fail or the lid is too difficult to open.
    Looking for something easy and not too fussy also with no zips. Any advice?
    But for checked in luggage, 20 yrs service my samsonite hard shell with 2 wheels and tsa lock is perfect.

  4. Fijne avond Michelle,
    I’m aB737-8 FO, I’m considering the Remowa pilot. Do you know if it will fit in the cockpit by my right sidewall? Especially after the top cover opens, will it require more space? I’m really in love with style and quality of Remowa. But I don’t wanna spend the money if it is not gonna fit. Kindly help me out.
    Thanks, SAAD

  5. any views aobut rimowa pilot case 34litre.. i saw it in frankfurt but they had the 37 litre which was too big. im curious bout 34 litre version..

    1. Hi Ankit,

      Thanks for your comment, I am currently looking into Rimowa Pilot Cases. One person below wrote a comment that it is the best pilot case in his opinion. Stay tuned for a comprehensive review. Have a nice day!

    1. Hi Neil, thanks for bringing that one up. To be honest I’ve never seen a pilot with this pilot case nor have I ever seen it in a shop. Have you? Do you use it yourself? And if so, please tell me more about it. I will keep my eyes open and check it out the moment I see one.

    1. Hi Chris, More about that later, I definitely use checked in suitcases on a frequent basis and I am still reviewing some suitcases before publishing that article. For short trips I use these. But those are mainly for weekend and short business trips.

    1. Hey Kay, is dat een aluminium koffer? Gebruik je die ook in de cockpit? Ik ben bekend met het merk Rimowa maar wist niet dat ze ook pilotenkoffers verkopen. Wellicht de moeite waard om die eens te bekijken! Bedankt voor je comment. Fijne avond, Michelle

    1. I have a suitcase similar to the Alpine Rolling Briefcase. I prefer the Victorinox though. The swissgear is also a nice one… In the end it all depends on your preferences. The above mentioned bags all have their perks 😉 Good luck with your decision!

  6. I have my Swiss Alpine rolling bag which carries everything I need,my flight equipment s ,with and extra compartment for my PC to keep myself browsing in the java post-flight plus it makes my day because I constantly love providing a professional look and presentation of my self during my local flights.

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