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How to pass the flight school selection process? – This is how you do it!

The flight school selection process and how to ace it! Most flight schools require you to pass their selection process before starting the training. This is actually a good thing because the schools try to determine early on if the candidate is actually capable of completing the training. They also look for desired competences since they want to train a potential Captain rather than just a First Officer. The selection process can be really tough, especially when you apply for a prestigious school. In some cases 75% of all applicants fail these selections.

However, theres no need to worry just yet. Schools expect you to train for the selection process, this way they can determine your motivation and perseverance. And I am going to prepare you to the best of my abilities! So, these are the stages you can expect during the flight school selection process, not necessarily in this order though:

The Interview
The interview is often the first part of a flight school selection process. The aim is to get to know you and to check whether you have the right competences and character traits to complete the pilot training successfully. You will definitely face questions like: Tell me something about yourself, why this school and why should we take you? They also asked me about the theoretical subjects and if I was aware of the training program (flight training in America etc.).

It is like applying for a job,  but instead you are applying for a school. Make sure that you are highly motivated, decisive, stress resistent, a team player and last but not least, show that you are able to take responsibility and that you can handle leadership. Remember, on that day you are the perfect candidate! If you are struggling with any of the competences above, make sure you train those competences well in advance.


flight school selection process - Dutch Pilot Girl

IQ – test
Math-, physics- and IQ tests while the timer runs. This part of the flight school selection process is usually the hardest. So how to pass? Practice makes perfect! Browse the internet for IQ practice tests and go at it day by day.  Multitasking, spatial orientation, situational awareness and English tests are also invited to the party. But don’t despair, start practicing weeks in advance, an hour a day and you should be fine. Your score will depend on your preparation. It doesn’t matter how talented you are, without practicing you will never beat someone that is prepared and not that talented. Preparation is key!

In case your desired flight school uses the Adapt test, make sure to read this article. It contains detailed information about the test itself. Good websites to practice: 123test.com & yourpilotacademy.com

Expect a simulator phase as well. It is used to check whether you have a talent for flying and if you are able to learn quickly. While operating the controls you need to answer math questions and simple IQ tests. Progression will be monitored. Sometimes you have to fly in an actual simulator while other schools literally have you sit behind a computer with a joystick and rudder pedals which look like they just bought them at the local supermarket. Whatever happens, stay calm and fly the airplane! Ways to practice: go for a flight lesson in a single engine piston aircraft or simulator.

Personality test

What kind of person are you? Are you able to take control? Do you fit in a cockpit environment where decisions have to be made within seconds? Can you handle stress and do you prefer to work on your own or in a team? Are you someone who takes initiative and are you having troubles with public speaking? There will probably be some kind of personality test included in the selection process. The aim is to find out whether you fit in a cockpit. These tests are tricky, they say there are ”no wrong answers” since it is your personality. Please, don’t fall for this. Your answers can be a reason to decline you.

Medical certificate
The last phase is the medical. Once you complete the previous stages successfully you will have to undergo a medical exam. This is a complete body check, they test your eyes, illness history, blood, urine, ECG, hearing and more. Most candidates have no problem in obtaining a Class 1 Medical. More info about the medical? Google “Class 1 medical”

When an applicant successfully passed all the stages it is time to get a loan in order to pay the tuition. In case you want to know more about the actual costs, check out this article. No money to pay the pilot training? Read this article!

Your Pilot Academy
Your Pilot Academy is a new platform for (future) pilots which contains pilot assessment courses to help you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in the most efficient and fastest way possible. As you probably realized by now, the outcome will, in most cases, depend on your preparation. In aviation they use the quote ‘Failure to Prepare, means prepare to fail’ and as you can see it starts with the flight school selection process!


24 thoughts on “How to pass the flight school selection process? – This is how you do it!

  1. My son has always wanted to be a pilot and right now he is in making his high school selection. I know he has to have at least a HAVO diploma to apply for flight school, but do you have any other recommendations for what to look for in a Dutch high school that will prepare him the best?

  2. hi ,i hope you are fine.in 2019 september i will join flybyschool leon spain for my integraded EASA ATPL course.
    can you tell me what is in basic maths and physics while entry test.

  3. Hi Michelle

    I am 17 and still undergoing my selection stages at CAE OAA. I’m at the final stage which is my interview. I’m happy to say that I passed my ADAPT test. I got motivation from your YouTube videos and I`d like to say thank you, the world needs more people like you

    1. Hey Simba, how are you ? I passed my ADAPT Test as well and I will have my interview soon. How can I prepare myself for the interview ? I was just an interview on the stage 3? Thank you so much in advance.

      1. Hi guys, just wanting to ask on which areas should I focus on to pass the ADAPT Test? Mostly in the areas of Math & Physics? Thanks in advance and any answers will be appreciated :)))

    2. Hey, By now you must completed the selections ;). Can you give me some more specific information about the tests? There is enough info on the internet, but not that much for Belgium, since I have to do it in +- 1 year when I am applying for the TUI training programm.Thanks!

  4. Hoi Michelle. I am also dutch and I have some questions about flight schools in the Netherlands. I would love to attend either KLM flight academy or AIS flight school. Do you know what the percentage is of people that get accepted into these schools? Thanks, Onno

  5. Hi Michelle,

    One oddball question for you. Today I was at a flying academy in Austria, they have some cadet program for GlobalAir (Cessna C510 business jets). Normally any German language academy will use either Vimana or Skytest, but GlobalAir uses a assessment program by a Dutch company. Any idea which company that could be?

    1. Hi Roald, I am sorry but I am not familiar with an assessment “program” by a Dutch company… must be something new…

      However, I know that there is one company in the Netherlands that does a lot of actual assessment (you need to go there for a day or two) for airlines and they use the Advanced Compass test. The company is called EPST.

  6. Hello, I will be soon applying for CAE and I wanted to know if we had any ATPL questions for the assessment? Because I’m kind of confuse when you say “In case your desired flight school uses the Adapt test, make sure to read …” and in this article you say that there is ATPL questions? So what do you think ? 🙂

    1. Hi Romans, I am sorry for the confusion. I can confirm that you will not get any ATPL questions during a selection process for a flight school. They won’t expect you to know any ATPL theory at that stage.

      The ADAPT Test consists of different modules and when a flight school uses this test for their assessment, they will leave out some of these modules, wouldn’t be fair otherwise 😉 Good luck with your selection/training!

  7. Hi Michelle

    What a very informative site it is,together with the YouTube channel. Thank you very much for everything you are doing to impart me with the right knowledge I need to know about flying. Flying is in my DNA unfortunately I am struggling hard to source the tuition, the tuition are a bit high. I am looking forward to fly with you one day, I am going to work towards my dream profession until it comes to pass. I intend to enroll this coming June.

    With love, all the way from Harare, Zimbabwe.

    1. Hi Tonderai, Thank you for your kind words! I hope you made it work and that you were able to start your training! Good luck and keep the wings level, Michelle

  8. Hii maam..
    Your YouTube vedios anf your articles are very informative and realistic. I am now studying in high school 11th std and preparing for engineering exams. I am really getting confused that whether I should go for pilot training or engineering after high school. Maam I love the thought of being a pilot one day. Please can guide me through my situation.
    Thank you.
    Huzefa from India (17years old)

    1. Hi Huzefa,

      Thank you for your comment. In my opinion you should do what you like most in life. In the end it is always your own choice. I am a strong believer that you can achieve your dreams as long as you work for it. It won’t happen by itself. Best of luck with your decision! All the best, Michelle

  9. Please write or talk about the possibility of getting a scholarship or sponsorship of any sort to get into any flightschool .And
    Overcoming the realistic fear of PLANE CRASH as a student pilot..

  10. Hello Dutchpilotgirl, or should I say Michelle? :). I’ve recently discovered your channel on YT (comming from Captain Joe), and I find your content very helpful and interesting. I guess you put a lot of effort into making this stuff. That’s appreciated! Alright, to my questions. When did you start to take flying lessons, or when did you start flight school? And may i ask you what your IQ score is? Related to the context futher up. I’m just very curious :).

    Yours sincerely,
    A 15yr old boy from Norway, hopefully a future pilot 🙂

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thank you for your comment! Great to hear you like the content 🙂 My flight training commenced in 2012. I did not take any flying lessons before my training. And regarding the IQ score, I don’t know hahah, never tested it.

      Hopefully you can make your dream a reality! All the best and have a nice weekend, Michelle

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